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Go ahead.

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Any screen caps to back up that claim?

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Reminder there is no proof that 40k 8th edition = ITC house rules

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And so it begins, the final stage of a shitpost's existence.

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>>women have better tolerance for physical pain

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>but S is definitely majority female even if you remove things like Psych, Linguistics (which bio owes most of its methods to) and Sociology
Not the same Anon, but I'm gonna need some proofs

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>Stop being so presumptuous

Stop being wrong.

>Creating the Tyranid war veterans was a big deal because it was a change in the organisational structure laid down by the codex, not because WOAH ALIENS.

And of course the Ultramarines are going to change their structure just because a run of the mill alien. It's not like actually having veterans of the fight against those aliens were such a big deals the ultramairines changed their own codex. Good job missing the point.

>I doubt that, Tyranids are one of the more pervasive species. And Space marines communicate and share with each other and the Imperium. The only reason Space Marines wouldn't know about Tyranids would be if they were out of communications for a long time.

Citation needed.

>Did it need to be Deathwatch though?
Yes you idiot. Otherwise the Ultra would have done it.

>Did they do anything impossible for a Space Marine?
Not impossible, just extremely hard. Helbretch killed a Daemon Prince with a combat knife when he was an intiate. It doesn't mean that the GK are useless because you can just send initiates with combat knives to fight Daemon princes.

>The more impressive stuff was actually being done by the Ultramarines, the Deathwatch just followed the Overlord into his tomb.

They didn't follow the Overlord into his tomb. They infiltrated it while the ultramarine fought and destroyed the Reanimation mechanism. The actually important part.

>No, just that Space Marines will know about some of mankind's biggest enemies, and could easily, easily be briefed if they somehow were not.

Yeah, of course being briefed about an alien race is just the same as having fought them for decades. How silly for me to think otherwise!

>You've read about Damnos, correct? Well, even I, guy who only reads wikipedia summaries knows more about that book than you do.

I still don't see any sources about the fact that tacticae about necrons are distribuited to chapter masters.

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How many times I have to tell you to check the archive?

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Rather to prove that the world is in no way contingent upon the individual agency of man. That if a man is obsessed with green houses and the world at large prefers blue, that his becoming minister of house colors will not result in an unusual number of houses being painted green. That his removal would not change that.

Your claim is essentially that individual people cannot influence the course of history. This is an unsubstantiated and outlandish claim, and you must either justify it or be dismissed.

I understand that as a weak beta leftist, furnishing evidence is not a skill at which you have much practice, but I encourage you to try.

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Even Americans know that Russia isn't in Europe. It's green on the Risk map.

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>Perpetuals regenerate from damage they receive and return back to life. Their only weakness is copious amounts of Warp energy.

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> It's basically confirmed that something tyr will come out between now and February.

I hate to do it, but.

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I find the nearest Journalist and stick with them, hoping that any of the lost Russian Airborne troops don't kill us.

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