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This. No one understands what Magical Realm is, they start crying "Wizzard!" every time anything gets vaguely lewd. Which doesn't have a place at the tabletop unless the game is predetermined and agreed upon to be lewd.

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This guy knows the score..

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>I suppose it would've been too much to ask for to have some models of existing units that people actually fucking want.

THIS. holy fuck.

Can we get together a list of models released in the last 4-5 months than weren't pulled out of thin air and that people have actually wanted?

All i can think of is the Tyranid spores, New Thirster, and the Verminlords.

Literally almost every other model caters to nobody, new players or old, and look fucking awful.

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Anyone who denies this post can suck a massive dick.

I actually like the new Bone ripper / Verminlords, etc. but fuck me if we aren't crying out for very basic and reasonable updates to some of our older units.

The Deceiver is a nice boone to Eshin players, but you know what would be better? non retarded-monkey Gutter runners.

I have been dreaming of a Globadier / Censer Bearer kit since the Loota kit was released. It's actually quite painful to think of just how piss easy this kit would work despite the initial outward difference of the 2 units, yet i'm sure GeeDubs will just leave them for another 10 years or so, Warbuggy style.

Finally, the real tooth-kicker lies in the very very very slim chances of ever seeing a plastic Weapon team kit. The recent '90 quid for 9 Jezzials' "Bundle" on the website, whilst firstly being fucking laughable pretty much confirms there shall be no new Jezzial models, with weapon teams also unlikely as ever.

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Good to know. Thanks *reads up on the 21st founding*

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Knew I wasn't the only person thinking that.

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This was real life, there's no such thing as 'moral high ground'. Winner dictates history, and as such 'justice' is always going to prevail, it was a matter of conflicting perspectives.

Also that, this thread gonna 'splode.

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I can attest that this book is made of pure, undiluted fucking win of massive proportions.

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