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Disregard shitposts and talk about something entertaining, I found this funny. Please add the rest of the armies

>necrons sit silently by, not commenting from a "racial" perspective unless it's literally connected to them. Furthermore when they do it's with a lot of posters with solid, supported arguments and good evidence
>orks hivemind up and, despite making weird claims,
>Admech (the funniest one imo) stay on the sidelines unless something touches them, and when it does it's either a quinceniera for whatever tiny nugget they got or a week of autistic screeching about how something isn't exactly how it should arbitrarily be
>dark angels are fairly quiet about stuff but get uncomfortably defensive if someone questions/mocks their faction
>blood angels dindu nuffin but still somehow end up getting assfucked by everything around them
>marines are generally the 'basic' poster attitude but can get lost in the strange web of how their playerbases is supposed to act and represent itself
>sisters are so dedicated to their army (a faith of its own) it's genuinely offputting even when they might be an interesting and worthwhile addition to the situation
>Guard seem like a cool thing at a baseline level, but much like their soldiers and officers bought a little too much into how superior and badass each and every one of them are, resulting in wildly unorganized and annoying to work alongside posters who spam endlessly how great 'they' are
>chaos is a soup of disaster, everything from Carnac looking to BURNMAIMKILL threads to losers getting off on any bit of anything, to sad pathetic posters worshipping the entropy part of the hobby, and fags thinking they're smarter than they are (specially in terms of faction support)
>filtered through a million layers of double-think and misquoting, all that's known for certain is that A) they think they're better than everyone, and B) they're actually not, and are just propaganda-loving morons

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What now?

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