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What kinds of things have you studied because of table top games that you would never have otherwise learned?

for me, it's been:
>vocal training, so I can do a wide range of characters and not need to specify who's talking to the players.
Geophysics, Cartography, and climatology to produce realistic setting maps
>Elder Futhark to write prop notes as well to decorate other props with.
ethics and philosophy to make convincing motivations for antagonists

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ITT: Quick, possibly stupid, roleplaying ideas. Plot hooks, NPCs, locations

>red dragon is a candidate in elections for a doge. He has big chances to win.

>slimes change their shapes to best fit their environment. When exposed to magical armor, in the most extreme cases they will take the form of its previous user and even gain sapience. An order of slimemen buy out all magical armor to uplift their brothers.

>flying orcas attacked orcs. The collateral damage is turning whole regions inhabitable

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