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Not him but to be fair the description of 5th company says they leave foul red-black trails wherever they go, so some grime and oozing would make sense. It's not tough to make marines look dirty with some washes or pigments. Pic is the two I managed before I got bored, similar colour scheme too.

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They're about as bright as they can be, 4 or 5 layers of flat white paint. It's just the brightness of the photograph most likely that pitches them as dull. Only thing I could do is make them grey with a white highlight, but my whole army has flat white eyes and I like the lifelessness it lends.

Thanks. Yeah it's a great set. I think the interchangeability of recent Nurgle sets is such a boon, it's just so useful for conversions and kit bashes. Especially important now that new kits are looking like they're all near-monopose. Just takes a bit of fettling and green stuffing to get them to fit. Pic related, the champ has a PBK head, both arms and a knife.

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Finally pulled my finger out and finished (ish) this plasma gunner. Going to batch paint the next three, hopefully will be more productive with a house move looming.

Need to take a better pic mate.

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