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T.he fluff text of weapons seem to be written in-context and shouldn't be taken literally. The weapons and armor literally never perform the feats they claim to and the characters in-setting are ignorant as to how the monsters around them work.

None of it is scientifically accurate because it isn't real, but it does its best to have as much as possible have a reasonable explanation in-context. Teostra, for example, uses its tusks as a flint to set off explosive materials it shakes from its body. This is something you can see it doing, showing that they intend for the abilities of monsters to be explicable phenomena.

Kushala's wind cloak isn't gone into explicitly nor do they depict exactly HOW it works, but I'd imagine the explination would be something along the lines of it somehow manipulating pressure systems with high-frequency vibrations, if the horn thing is to be believed.

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the epitome of the battle dress to me right next to pic related
always and forever

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