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Anyone have male magic knights with short hair?
Anything that looks like a knight with magic or a mage in armor

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This guy almost looks chill.
Certainly not Shaggy level.

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Maybe this for the aspiring eldritch knight?

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Requesting subtle rogues/assassins. The more average the better.

Bonus points if for brunettes, love points for half-elf specifically.

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I'll start.
Chaotic neutral human noble bastard fighter who's got tired of his shaky status and went adventuring. Eventually ended up making a pact with Master of Crabs and had his eye surgically removed and replaced with a big pearl so his patron can see through it.

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Anyone got some steampunk/magitech lookin' Dwarves?

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>TFW you will never play an Irriseni Changeling Soulknife|Vigilante in RotJR because you're already invested in the character you've already applied with
>TFW she will never take on a male vigilante identity to escape her hag mother's clutches, maintaining her vigilante persona pretty much 24/7
>TFW she will never flee her homeland and eventually settle in Sandpoint
>TFW she will never fall deeply in love with one of her male traveling companions and will never have to conceal both her feelings and her actual gender from him

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closest thing I've got to what you're asking for

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OP here


Yeah that sounds nice.


Yes, yes I love it.

>is heavily Irish

The "London" of the setting is a vast melting pot of all cultures from across the isles.


I love this idea too. I feel making it a tiny bit less-generic would add to its appeal maybe?

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"What sort of present?"

"I spoke with your sisters quite a bit while you were away. Well, mostly Hua---Sanra wasn't up to talking much. Hua told me many things, about you and your life, your sister, growing up under Imperial rule. I was quite taken with your tale, you know."

She moves her head closer, her lips barely an inch from his neck. "But one part of your story, recently, caught my attention... And I thought it presented a wonderful opportunity for a present I could give you."


"There's a worker on this ship. He recently ran from Z'unkahrah with quite a bit of gold. One hundred koins exactly, in fact. He was looking for a ship to take him away and I just so happened to ensure that he would be hired."

Cao's eyes widen as he realizes exactly who she is talking about. He opens his mouth to say it, but she beats him to it, whispering the name in his ear: "Draken."

He turns his head, though he cannot see her in the darkness. “He’s here? On this ship?”

“He is,” she whispers. “My present for you is revenge.”

Cao can barely contain the feeling bubbling within him; it’s almost a kind of giddiness. Draken, alone and vulnerable, on this very ship soon to be out at sea with no escape… The man who lied to his face about Sanra, sold him and his sisters out for the bounty, the man he imagined a hundred cruel fates for up until this moment…

“I know many things, Cao, and one thing I know for certain is this: there are few things sweeter than revenge.”

>A) I want to decide his fate
>B) You can decide his fate
>C) Thank her
>D) Kiss her
>E) I don’t care about Draken
>F) Other

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It''s fantasy you can do whatever you want.

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So last campaign one PC joined the enemy faction at the tail-end by becoming a vampire and sacrificing another party member, and in the epilogue followed a 1,000+-year war.

We're starting up again after a year or two. My character just woke up from being thawed out of ice after he was sent on a mission during the long war (was apart of a supersoldier faction with extended lifespans etc).

So I just wanna know, if you were going to kill a vampire in D&D, how would you go about it?

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¿por qué no los dos?

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>Dag Fuller

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>Zakkay Ove

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Requesting magical rogues

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