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No, it just confuses them. Killing their wireless signal means they can't receive instructions and default to a scripted response based on their limited knowledge of circumstances. You'd be absurdly lucky if that meant "sit around like a lemon" or "fly home and don't shoot anyone".


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She has the power to affect probability in her favor. Usually this means bullets miss her or enemies' guns jam. That kind of thing.

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This one?

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> how do I write good romance?

By first accepting the fact stable, long term, healthy relationships in which both partners spend the entire story engaged in functional romantic interaction is poison to good storytelling.

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Anyone got pictures of black punks/anarchists?

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Historically I've played a lot of female characters. I just kind of empathize with that perspective better, for some reason.

Lately I've kind of distances myself from it though. While I like the idea of female characters, I've realized I'm still a dude and it just feels weird acting out as a woman when I'm like 6 ft with a deep voice and a 5 o'clock shadow.

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Awesome, looking to make a mentally unstable dwarf merc who has Berserker and Combat Junkie as negative qualities. Handy in a fight but more than a handful if he has to disengage before the fight is over. Probably won't last too long but I think it would be a good bit of fun to RP.

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Rolling up new characters is time consuming, but after a while people get the form down, and they can crank out variations on the basic archetypes all day.

But SR is not a game about pulling punches. It's a game where you are the have-nots, with some special skills (but in comparison to the haves, really nothing special at all) trying to survive. You can burn some Edge to save yourself a couple of times, but mostly you want to avoid letting someone shoot you in the head in the first place.

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I really do want to agree with you but I came to that conclusion from personal experience.

When I ran with my old group, we were all writers, or at the least were very good at thinking critically about what we watched and read. When I moved and roped in some other friends to play a Fate game, they seemed unable to understand the basic idea behind Aspects and Troubles. At risk of sounding snobby, they rarely read, and weren't the best at looking at media with a critical eye.

They were the types who think "I'm good at everything" is a valid Aspect.

I do, but not everyone does. Because most games don't make those elements a part of the actual character creation rules.

You don't need to specify your paladin is an alcoholic or your rogue has daddy issues when rolling up a D&D character.

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Hey m8, I'm the one sticking up for you here.
obvious b8 is obvious

I agree.

Ugh. Well, maybe they'd survive if their armor wasn't so dumb so often. Then again, male armor isn't always better. Just most of the time.

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Magical realm sucks, but this is an A+ character concept.

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>Would you play a game where the players are highly trained Mega-Corp PMC agents


>warped into a fantasy world


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Because scale of water mass flow and the need to ship across/up/down the river still? We're talking about almost two hundred kilometers of canal. Whiiiich might actually be a significantly smaller feat than making a web of maglev rails all the way up to a hundred meters in the air.

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That's probably what I'm gonna do. Though I'd probably prefer to use Savage Worlds because I like the system and I'm a dimwit who can't deal with complex rules.

Shadowrun doesn't enrage me. But it is weird that it's the most popular system AND setting here. Generally, I play sci-fi stuff to get away from D&D style fantasy tropes.

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Here's some stuff for you OP, both electronica and lyrical.



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Matte black is "good" for stealth, since it's dark and all. Plus blends well with black clothing (see: suits).

Matte white is "good" because Apple. And other reasons, but nowadays I'm pretty sure it's just drawing off Apple. Frag that, matte white just sucks.

Flesh tones are nice for concealment.

Chrome is WAY too flashy.

What would you call "style", then?

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