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90% of people haven't played chess since 5th grade.I've won over 50+ games using four turn check against friends and family but if anyone who actually knew anything played me I'd get butched.

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>What RPG did you wish existed, but it doesn't?
A vidya idea

cooperative medieval-fantasy 5 to 6 players with optional teamplay fight
Driven by an AI Storyteller that create an adventure for the session
Players are guided with Time-saving simple objective like "Go here, look for evil cultist"
The adventure happen on Artist-made mega-map with building where the enemies/npc spawn as required, a cave could be a troll den for a session and the hiding place of allies in another another generated session.
Players would follow the Main Quest, and have unique player that give special item/buffs

Players would create archetype characters and assign a limited number of skill point (allowing low level, medium level or high level adventure)
Player can be knocked out to near death, encouraging support because killed/disconnected players mean definite death, new players can join mid adventure.
Gameplay would encourage multiple build and support skills to achieve objective (choosing a thief backstory allow to get information from "tavern shady guy", choosing a noble one let you get everyone into castle and talk to other noble)

I'd imagine a play session like this:
>choose low-level session
>choose low-level build [low-birth backstory] [skills point to be a mage]
>spawn in farm
>Storyteller generate event, you are now a "Chosen one" and divine voice say "go here"
>another player [thief archer] event say "you wanna get wasted to forget, go to this bar"
>players meet, event say "thief join your divine mission whatever"
>low-birth peasant convince other player to help him do his private-quest, get a +10 magic buffs
>thief use his backstory-skill to steal enough money to get a +5 bow
>players then do main quest
>Storyteller generate session-ending objective
>new player join [ex-orc boss], doing his mission get them 4 orc-warrior npc
>player retreat from final dragon fight carrying knocked out peasant
>try again
>total party kill, but it was an incredible fight

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Protecting to the Weak, Defiant to the Strong.

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Does anyone have any advice on tracking hackmasters initiative system?

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I need pictures of defensive looking people/creatures (with shields, protecting someone/things, etc.) that I can crop/resize to 400x1280 without it looking like shit for Guardian Spirit!
I am having a much harder time than I thought I would...
Ideally not this one because it's been used already in a bunch of other stuff.

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Do you have any examples?

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>Ruby is for raising your children with. During the weekday mornings, Ruby tends to pray to God to thank him a lot right before she happily gets up to cook for her loving husband and children. On the weekends though, you can find Ruby at church while she is praying, usually before going on voluntary duty at the church soup kitchen for the day. During the evening, when the sun is going down, Ruby can be found at home by the bedroom window thanking God for such a loving husband and family.
>Ruby is a great and loyal spouse of mine, and I cherish and Love her.

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Let's see some heroic heroes doing heroic things. Magic/non-magic, modern/medieval, humans/not-humans, whatever as long as they're saving lives.

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My vote for favorite Guardian picture right here.

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If I can protect my waifu sure

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What the last guy said. A large part of it was simply the culture of knighthood, but that culture stemmed from a natural cause of reward-by-ransom.

ALSO fun fact, this is literally a case of #NOT ALLKNIGHTS. A knight is a human being, like anyone else, and contrary to /his/ belief, knights WERE reprimanded for being fucking dicks; if not by law, then by peer justice. It was highly condemning to be a fucking asshole, because, surprise-surprise, if another fucking knight saw you doing some bad shit, he'd obviously have a lower opinion of you. Also, if a king heard his knight was being a dick and slaughtering and raping everyone in the countryside, do you honestly think he'd just sit back and be all like "eh, whatevs, he fights my ways for me"? NO. The king would be fucking PISSED. So the idea that all knights were roving gay-wads may have been true, in some small way, but for the most part, knights were just kinda...like modern day cops, I guess? Maybe they'd kinda remind us more of ex-military? Like, some would be super cool and bro-tier, and others would be really douchey about their service and treat civvies like second-class citizens?

I have a theory (well, more like a hypothesis, but whatevs), that states most of the unsavory attitudes found amongst old-timey knights came not from outright abuse of power, but from their holier-than-thou attitude, which made them susceptible to squabbles of ego and pride.

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So /tg/, how would you go about making a character that is devoted to something so much is causes them to metaphorically "fall" -- be it morally, breaking their codes/beliefs, or becoming forsaken/shunned by their peers/people or anything similar?

What class/archetype/system do you think this would work best with? It's cliche, but I honestly believe that choosing a Paladin is a great precusor to this, a person who has become to enthralled/devoted to something that they are willing to go against every code they have in order to ensure it remains.

>Paladin has become a swornsword or bodyguard to a person of extreme importance within his order/kingdom
>Said person is politically stigmatized due to circumstances in or out of their control, be it that they're royalty but their legitimacy of their birth or bloodline is called in question, or they could simply be cursed, either a vampire or undead, to which the peoples of the kingdom actively riot/revolt against them
>Paladin has known this person for most of their life as they were raised, a sentinel at their side, never wavering
>Eventually Paladin is exiled by his order/god for continuing to protect this impure/corrupt person
>This person's position/life is threatened by an organisation and the Paladin proceeds to kill most, if not all of them (could be a rival royal family or some political/religious sect of extreme importance to the kingdom)
>This person did not order their deaths, yet is unaware that their protector did it for their own sales (could be morally ambiguous as to how necessary/"right" of an act it was to do to begin with)
>When discovered, the Paladin takes full blame, and is fully exiled/or imprisoned for their crimes

How would you go about fleshing out this idea or implenting it into a game/session? I think the core concept of is really, really cool and should be done more

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They're just trolls, and the kind of threads that shit all over 3.PF are made all the time because they get replies.

Trolls want attention, and shitposting about 3.PF gets you attention. You're getting some attention right now just bringing it up!

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How can we have light with no shadow?
What would beauty be with no ugliness?
Do we not need strife, struggle and conflict to grow, strengthen and overcome?

A world without opposition is a world of stagnation, mediocrity and boredom; never progressing, never moving forward. For it because we face such evils that we may triumph and prosper. You, who are asking for no evil, are asking for the easy way out. You are not fit to walk the path of Righteousness.

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What are some backstories you would recommend for a swordsman at a level where other characters are the archmage of a major university, or a master thief who's broken into the unbreakable?

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A cleric is a priest who fights for his God. They preform miracles, spread the word of their God. More war-like clerics can be compared to the Inquisition, Simon the Zealot, or Roland.

A paladin is a chivalrous knight, not so much a holy man, but devoted to his lord, his lady, and his friends. A paladin is skilled in defense and support, as is befitting a knight, and their smiting is referencing the times when Arthur's knights called upon the Lord to accomplish incredible tasks or defeat a mortal enemy. They can be compared to Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, Sir Yvain, or Saint George.

Two completely different ideas which over the years, blended into one "Holy Warrior."
It's like the difference between a fighter and barbarian.

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Are all that benefit from a corrupt system guilty? Should the princess pay for the sins of the king?

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