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>tfw almost started the hobby with Tau because I liked the idea close ranged army of stealth suits and kung fu ethereals
>tfw went for Tyranids in the end because DINOBUGS and MELEE
I dont regret it, I would have been terribly dissapointed with Tau. They have some cool themes and aesthetics, but especially their gameplay is kinda shit, since they're encouraged to play a static, undynamic and non-interactive style that focusses on hampering their opponents fun rather than allowing for a good back-and-forth game.

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I like the gold.

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>*Laughs in Hive Fleet Kraken*

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I also like tau
They're very tasty

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Ooooh, yummy! Free Snacks!

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COOL >>> Cute

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>random ass, drunk, isolated nid hive fleet stumbles upon tau space
>tau lose their fucking shit and piss their collective pants
>commit communistic genocide by "convincing" aka pheromone brainwashing literally "COUNTLESS" other races into fighting the hive fleet
>are too scared to even engage the fleet themselves
>all the minor races nearly entirely wiped out
>drunk tyranid splinter rambles something about wanting to try some of that exotic sushi and moves on, not even phased by the massive coalition attack
>taufags think this is good for them

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I can't hear you over the screams of your tiny friends as they watch the rest of their squad get swallowed whole.

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Not for long.

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Space Dinosaurs with a consistent, sick looking aesthetic. I dont think there's much more too it. I guess I also like the whole "Natue Incarnate/Perfect Predator" thing, which is pretty cool.

>Grey Knights
My favourite Terminators in the entire game, and I like the whole "elite hero's fighting the neverending darkness, even though they know they can never win" thing. Also, I enjoy them because their playstyle is so different from nids as is their paintscheme.

>Mantis Warriors
Actually only just starting them up (have 3 bikes, a captain, a Razorback and half a tacsquad). Mainly started them because
A. I wanted a space marine bike army, and
B., because I find Ravenwing/White Scars look kinda boring I looked for a cool scheme and really dig the Green-Yellow. Also, Ninjas in Space are pretty cool.

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It was the first pic I could find that has Tau taking a smacking.
Here's a better one, from an army I actually play

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The squat way

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Based on leaks, how are Tau and Nids doing in 8e for now?

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>Nid bait.
Tyranids prefer the term "useless appetizer"

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One thing I've always wondered, why are so many of the Tyranid Monstrous Creatures only Strength 6 ?

And for that matter how is it a Carnifex and Old One Eye have higher strength than Trygon or Mawloc ?

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Curious, between the Trygon, Mawloc, Tervigon, Tyrranofex, Exocrine and Haruspex, which of these beasts are the most useful ?

Also out of curiosity, is a MC tyranid army list viable to run or something that would probably fall apart ?

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