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>fuck up bright on eyes
It's OSL I guess

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I didn't put any points in Survival, but I did pick up Celestial Bliss Trick. Have to keep my pet happy somehow.

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>Nearly every faction gets split up into a bunch of shitty microfactions
>Skaven finally get their shattered microfactions put back together again

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The only people who dislike women fucking monsters are guys who are jealous women would rather fuck monsters than them.
The only people who like men fucking monsters are guys who blame women for not wanting to fuck them.
That's all there is to it.

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I wouldn't.

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>You fail to understand what the sith code is.

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When some weeb with sufficient disposable income and a lack of long-term money sense decides to start throwing commissions at good drawfags.
I'm saving my summer tips as we speak.

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Sure kiddo

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I saw the words "magus" and "casting modifier" and my brain defaulted to Int, but the point still stands.

Some kind of proper scaling to Spellsmite would be nice, possibly something that encourages you to use higher level spell slots beyond "it lasts longer". The capstone also also needs to just be totally redone, as making Spellsmite a permanent effect looks like a complete copout when you had that cool spell consumption mechanic in place. I like the concept overall though. Hell, if you just handed me an archetype that was nothing but the spellsmite, I'd probably use it over the base magus, though I'd probably ask for some way to replicate the effect of Bladed Dash when using Spellsmite. Probably as an arcana.

Unchained Monk has like, 5+ archetypes my dude. It is also MASSIVELY SUPERIOR in almost every way to base monk, unless you look at niche cases like Zen Archer or something.

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If the quests aren't good enough to make people feel like making the HERCULEAN EFFORT TO TRAVEL TO ANOTHER BOARD just to see them, it's hardly the board's fault.

The quests just suck.

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Man I hate that. My players do that sometimes, but only if the names are... susceptible to that kind of thing.

Nowadays I already know how they think, and can just pick names that they'll like and never distort into something else.
For example, I know that, for some reason, they all basically cream themselves over vikings, so names like "Brunhuld Hajfktornhr" NEVER get made fun of, no matter how silly they sound. You just learn how to adapt.

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>yfw someone in this thread almost had to deal with the consequences of that trap, but a party member sperged out about it making the PC not be comfortable in the body, and it got retconned

that story was such a shitfest

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>I'm still bitter about the game not being gestalt

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>"... but now that Avowed is kill all my concepts have fallen apart! FALLEN APART!"
>mfw every time I settled on something a new change happened that fucked the whole thing over, and now avowed is banned
>even though I could very easily just use something else, the magic and memes are gone and I just don't feel like bothering anymore

Sometimes a thing clicks, but the ground shifts underneath you and makes it snap in half. You could fix it, but is it worth it? That's just life, sometimes some things were not meant to be.

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Fair enough.
Unrelated, mostly, but if two classes give unarmed strike, will you have to suck up the redundancy or will you end up with like, Weapon Focus: Unarmed or something of the sort?

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ITT: Dude asking about fucking a literal tiger isn't a step too far, but someone being a shapeshifter tricking people by pretending to be a normal dog IS in fact a step too far

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>the only thing that ever has good touch is a PC specifically made to have a high touch

Really makes me think

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It was, but in hindsight I'm REALLY glad to skip it. The pants-shitting terror of the other PCs when the clone body gets up on its own will be so much sweeter after dealing with that.

I did too, anon, but mostly because "Dad? if you're a girl, does that mean I have to call you mom?"

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>tfw none of my female friends are into "nerd shit" but were all impressed by my 40k collection anyway
>tfw half of them are my friends' girlfriends
>tfw the other half are butt-ugly even for my standards

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I expect there to be an acceptable middleground in between "core fighter" and "a fucking wizard" within which martials can be reasonably effective outside of combat and outside of "stand still and full attack" without relying on UMD and skimming 20 different splats to utility belt your WBL christmas tree so hard you're more of a wizard than an actual wizard.

>what is a vancian caster with Arcane Bond: Sword
>what is a spherecaster with Focus Casting: Sword

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It was inane bullshit for sure, but I overreacted hard at the time. Probably because I was still getting used to the other player, and that trap was something I saw coming because the thread had spoiled it months in advance. Venting in the thread rather than stewing in my own frustration helped me get over it much quicker.

Potentially getting a daughteru soon because of that retcon is also pretty damn A+, so it's all K.

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The constant demand of "cute! cute!" is why it's starting to just sound like a demand with no substance beyond "give me cute anime girls!". Though I suppose I do have at least ONE animal ear "bishie" in my folder that could pass for a Str-based build. No facial hair, but such is life.

>tfw the only time I did a Str build was with a Lunar Oracle
>tfw game died super quick, and I spent most fights entirely reliant on my tiger companion because I couldn't hit shit without spending a turn to buff myself
>tfw didn't get to feel like a hunk at all

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OP, this guy >>51079998
absolutely fucking gets it.

if you are fucking the reanimated dead, as in, not resurrected, who cares if it's your mom or not, you're going to create a new STD and your dick will smell like death for a while....

if it was full Resurrection, then why stop at necro-incest? get her pregnant. send the child somewhere to get physical training and an education to compensate for inbreeding. then prostitute her out, nol matter birth gender or consent. Start her yourself let your steed rail her a few times, and have the party elf lick up the juices.

if she complains, kill her, then reincarnate her. sex change whatever shows up, light it on fire and fuck it in the manhole while it screams and dies orgasming.
you just impersonated both Jesus, Oepedius, and Lizzie Borden, commited fratricide, and now you're topping it off with PyroNecroBestial TransGay Incestual Matricide and maybe Rape too.


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>only room on this stage for one leading man!
>implying they won't realize that they can do more if they share the lead
>implying it won't develop into a grand partnership

Do you even heroics, anon?

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