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Never thought I'd get to post this old ass image I found again.

Yes genderbending is my fetish. No I'd never force that upon my players unless I knew we were going into a magical realm.

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I feel like I started a "How to Siege Castles and Cities" thread in a mysterious blunder. Luckily, I could use this shit in the future.

I think you are right after reading this thread for a bit. It seems like some quirks just stay with the player/gm no matter what. I can not tell you how many times someone in a group has to be the woman or man whore. Sometimes I just wonder if some things would change.

That does give me a lot more insight because I've never completed a campaign as a gm or player in my roleplaying career because life usually gets in the way for everyone.


Look at >>34395860 post. That is generally what I mean by idle animation. Everyone has their own thing that they do, but quirks like that often carry over to every character people have.

And i'm surprised that there is a lack of complaint of a gm that performs pic related shenegians

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