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nope I'm all about pointy eared Forrest dwelling slutbags.

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Fuck yes, it's been a while.
I'm planing on GMing this on summer and come back with storytime.

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He does love her!

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> The Centaur I

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the force of a thousand suns guides me.

Okay lets look at this thread, who can do it:
okay..only 2 builds with masculinity
The first one: Magical ?trap? with power of weapon...close to 0 chance of succeeding
The second option...hmm... one chance of ZA WARUDO only with less knifes and rollers and more dick in vagina

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Nope. In hordes zombies are deadly. You have to thin the herd so that their numbers advantage dwindles. I will point out that at a 1" range and only one attack each, you won't have a crazy number of attacks, as well as the lack of rend so the bloodthirster will still have the advantage. But the image of a horde of zombies pulling down a monster or armored knights is super cool, and pretty much never happened in WHFB. I really want to either play a zombie horde, or play against one.

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>C. Actually, Bruce said there's going to be a fight with the students from Allentown High School that you plan to take part in

>Yu Yu Hakusho Quest
pic related

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>> allow Hugo to fight


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On a twelve, if you pass a leadership test you turn into a chaos spawn. On a 2 if you fail a leadership test you turn into a chaos spawn. But in non fringe cases you get a useful buff useful though.

Also, Beastmen get Marks of chaos on pretty much anything but your rare slots. And they get access to a daemon summoning spell for free, and the Daemon random warp table as well which is now more beneficial.

Beastmen are stronger mixed than alone. They've been Tomb King'd.

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You sound butthurt.

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Also, how do you guys feel about the implication that models on a monstrous mount will have a combined stat line, as evidenced by Mannfred, Arkhan, and Neferata's statline? Does that imply that ninth edition will do this? Will it only be monster mounts, or will all cavalry get this treatment? Many mounts are stronger than their riders, or vice versa if the rider has a great weapon.

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>dragon imouto that will look up to us

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She begins to wiggle her pantied butt against your crotch, purposely egging you on. "But YOU'RE the lolicon," she says. "You can't hope to resist me..."

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