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That one's probably the best.
>tfw getting more and more desperate the closer he gets
>tfw someone's killing the willing people he finds before he can make 3
>tfw it's a warlock of the same demon

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The thing about hating villains is it has to be the right sort of hate.

Senator Armstrong is a fantastic example of this, and right on theme. He's an egomaniac bastard who triggers every single hate point of Raiden, and the player. He rambles and monologues about his superiority and his ideology constantly, and pulls off the EVERYTHING YOU DID WAS MY PLAN shit. You hate him. HATE him. They even designed the boss fight to make you angry by giving him five phases and multiple damage-don't-count phases, and huge health and damage so that it's infuriating to spend ages whittling him down but get hit at take like 50%, and even gave him a fucking heal.

Except then they pay off every bullshit in the game.

His ideology is bullshit ,and he actually admits it when called on it.

He may be superior, but he recognises your worth and keeps trying to convince you so you join him.

You played into his hand all along - not because he magically predicted your every move, but because he takes advantage of you winning to also kind of win.

And you get to punch him in the fucking face to earn his respect.

His fuckery mechanics are actually fine, because it makes up for his super health and silly high damage by making him very much dodgeable. His five phase fight is fine because you get checkpoints at each one, and after the forced-to-lose fight you get all your health back free. And his heal is fine because it is easy to interrupt and interrupting it lets you do slabs of damage, actually making it a net benefit unless you fuck up appallingly.

And the most important parts; his simple character is actually interesting and his bossfight is actually fun.

Armstrong does everything you make you hate him in-game and get righteously angry. Whereas Kai Leng makes you personally angry and hate his writer.

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>Xeno scum in Imperial Uniform
This isn't what Tarkin wanted!

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>that fucking cat

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"Wow, it must be that time of the mo"SHUT YOUR STUPID FUCKING FACEHOLE"

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100 Card Singleton is a dominantly superior format in every possible way.

Fight me.

>mfw more people play a shittier version of the original Highlander

I can't even ask for a game of Highlander anymore without people asking me where my goddamn commander is or telling me that they haven't lost even though I've dropped them for 22 life.

40 life is goddamn retarded and only exists to hose aggro and burn because it's the wrong kind of fun. Commanders as combo pieces that are always there are worse. Commander damage is even more retarded. Color restrictions are the worst possible thing ever in any deck, always.

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Lesse how mad I am.

I got Unleashed from Monster Hunter, giving me a Rage Mode.

I'm a Wrath Homunculus.

And now I'm empowered by Wrath mantra.

Oh, and I have a dead companion to be mad about.

... I could be angrier, though.

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>That link
...If you are going to play D20 Modern, play Modern.
If you are going to play Dungeons and Dragons, then play goddamn Dungeons and Dragons!.
This rustles my jimmies much more than it should.

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>Barbarian renews his class powers instantly out of sheer and utter hatred for the bard, and temporarily gains 4 barbarian levels.

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Sarkhan was original from tarkir, of the mardu. His name literally means sky khan, or the leader of all khans. He and Zurgo got a little butt hurt about each other. Then sarkhan planeswalked to jund befre hearing voices in his head to return to Tarkir.

The voice was ugin using the power of plot to tell sarkhan to go to his grave and travel back in time through the power of plot. He saves ugin from dying at the hands of big nicky through the help of the temur khan from back then, and gets erased from time by doing so because it stops the condition of his birth and of him going back in time. He's now back because the power of plot.

That's a lot of rage. How is he able to do that, he also does it on banefire.

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>He's a hypocritical murderhobo with a superiority complex and a fedora welded to his soul.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Randians. People so convinced of their own innate superiority that jealousy is the only reason they can think of that other people have for not liking them.

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Man, can you even get any madder?

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>Thrown off a bullet train and left for dead after being dropped off an elevator
>Dropped off same train and having plans completely cockblocked
Let's just say pic related.

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No words, only rage.

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Man, this thread is mad.

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