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sure I can understand you not liking another "anon is socially retarded thread" but what fucking elf in this thread are you talking there is literally not a single elf in this thread, are you ok? are you taking your medication?

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Dungeon Meshi

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I'm lucky that I had my GM playing in my game when I first got my group together. He suggested things like "Maybe we shouldn't steal that" or "Hey, running away is an option." Otherwise those fuckers would have been wiped off the face of existence.

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I let them ride in my armor like Laius does with carrots.

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>Being shit players who don't keep detailed inventories
>Having a shit GM who doesn't police rations and supplies

It's like you don't even dungeon delve, bro.

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>Oh my *god* you guys are DORKS
>says the guy in the pathfinder thread, on 4chan

do you know where you are, friend?

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Which Paizo AP is the best one for a 1-on-1 "solo" game? GM is debating rebooting a RotRL campaign that wiped versus starting over and trying something else (Jade Regent, Hell's Vengeance, Reign of Winter) and isn't sure what would be the most fun.

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>bury yourself between those muscular thighs
>the character from the picture has 8 str
>"muscular thighs"

Anon pls. I'd much rather tease her for being chubby, then roll to pin.

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As the anon who this originally got pitched to, I'm... Simultaneously sickened, but curious. Unfortunately I have a feeling that it really wouldn't work out, seeing as how I don't live alone. If I /was/ actually to join... All the PoW characters I've been looking at would probably wind up the "straight man" and be really out of place.

>"We're the saviors of the world! Shotadin, trapcerer, and magical girl!"
>"Oh, and I guess there's anon too. He drinks a lot, won't say why."

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after three weeks, finally have a session
>it winds up only being gimp fights against low level enemies, nothing particularly interesting happens
>as soon as the session is over everyone leaves because they're tired
>this is the life of a party of 6th level casters

At least it was some progress, but holy fuck if early Shattered Star isn't boring as fuck. Please tell me this picks up as you get out of the shanktown levels.
I wish the 1-on-1 game I was playing hadn't died.

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>GM is surprised when you make an NPC that can cover your more specialized, but overall stronger character's weakness

I think your GM doesn't quite have a grasp of how ridiculous master summoner is, anon. The NPC may be "doing" a lot of things, but the entire reason your character hired him was to cover the small things that you don't need to blow away with your ability to blanket the battlefield with summons.

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I'm going to just pretend this isn't a poorly constructed ruse and lay something out for you, anon.

This is a hobby. You all get together to chuck dice and have a good time while you tell a story together. You are making it sound like you forced him out with no possible save because "that asshole had a kid and it's going to ruin everything". You are forcing someone out of a hobby because of an important life event. You are refusing to even entertain the possibility of flexibility, because you treat this as though this as some kind of attack on the "integrity of your campaign". Unless you are getting together for 14-hour sessions once a month, which you appear not to be doing, your reasoning makes you sound like an autist with a stick jammed up his ass.

TL;DR: Your wording makes you sound like a pretentious asshole that thinks he has some kind of moral high ground.

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Mushroom men don't count.

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>start looking through my idea folder for my generic "adventurer/monster hunter guild" campaign idea
>mostly a few low level, generic encounters
>start looking at the "totally unique original content, donut steel" parts
>party must investigate why, and then ward off, a flock of harpies that are dead set on harassing a hobbit village, that they find out has kestrals in it.
>A wizard has been causing problems for local farmers with his magical experiments, and needs help putting down some of the experiments that went haywire
>A local alchemist's daughter was kidnapped recently, and the party has to rescue her. In doing so, they find out that her kidnappers took her because she's actually not even a living creature, just a homunculus. The real daughter has been dead for years.
>There are spooky happenings and lots of monster attacks in a forest, and when the party goes to investigate the source, they find a shrine dedicated to a minor trickster spirit who's been unable to keep the monster population in check. He also mistakes a party member for a long-since deceased friend.
>The party needs to help a chef with the irrational need to experiment with new and increasingly ingredients. Now go git, those "plants" won't harvest themselves!

I have so many dumb ideas that I still can't help but like.

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Remember kids. If you want to be a fighter be a lorewarden/dsp myrmidon/ mutation warrior, enter some martial traditions and shore up some feats for other level manuevers and if you want to be human be sure to take up comprehensive Education.

Welcome to tier 3

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>Now implementing them, I'm lost on.
Just give them a purpose. In my game I made healing scarce and recovery slow. There's a few things you can do to boost these, but cooking is the fastest and most versatile way. While the other classes are going around slaying monsters and looting dungeons, the chef has to keep an eye out for ingredients. Different ingredients help boost different things.

The better the meal, the better the heal.

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>Cannabilistic ogre
>Ogres eating humans is cannabalism
So what you're saying is that eating ogre is technically ok?

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