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After getting the exact army I wanted for Death I'm really hoping my bros in Destruction get a bone (har, har) their way, especially IJ. They should've had a wave 2 by ow considering they're a 1st edition army.

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>Can't get a single person in my playgroup to play anything remotely close to a fluff game anyway
Maybe it's better this way

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Seems I've been outsmarted. Well played, anon.

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>Fabius gives up on his New Man project
I knew they would do my boy dirty but damn.

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Nids, GSC, and Orks took a beating.

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>tfw Death are probably going to just get "Deathcast Immortals" or some shit
I was told that Death brings an end to suffering, but I was misinformed.

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>daemons are using metamagic or something to shitpost in our reality about how they're losing

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This anon gets it. Wannabe-autocrats are either happily cucked serfs or think they'd be the hero in a shitty action movie.

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>Did you miss the part where I said he takes TWO GOBLIN SHIELDS?
Oh. Oops.

Well I feel silly now. My apologies for being retarded.

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>they elect instead to go to the largest room, where they can hear a woman humming a tune and the subtle rustle of turning pages
>they unlock the door and the paladin kicks it down
>inside is a beatiful lady lounging on the bed reading a thick book, as they enter she initially looks surprised, but closes her book and greets them
>they talk briefly, but when the paladin pulls out the diamond ring her demeanor changes
>she becomes angry, demanding they return the ring where they found it
>they ask her about the statue in the other room of the man with the matching ring
>she tells them he got what he deserved and she'll speak no more of it
>Paladin detects evil and pings
>the woman gets up from the bed and her glamour falls, revealing the spade tail at her rear and the bat wings upon her shoulders
>in battle, the succubus uses her kiss to ensorcle the Paladin and commands he protect her
>the fighter stabs the succubus through the heart with a demon's bane sword and kills her
>relief is felt by all, but there is still one room to open
>outside the room they play the music box from the cellar
>the childlike sobbing within ceases and they hear "Mommy?"
>they open the door to see an attic whisperer clutching a tattered teddy bear
>he tells them his mother locked him in the room after his father disappeared and he was never allowed out again
>they give him the music box and the spirit is put to rest
>without the dark magic of the succubus and her family holding up the old tavern it begins to crumble
>the succubus' body has begun burning and the walls are aflame
>everyone escapes with minor scrapes and burns, the mystery is solved
>everyone says they enjoyed the adventure
>everyone except the halfling
>he's tightlipped until I'm alone with him, when he tells me he "wasn't allowed to do anything"
>am so baffled that I am rendered speechless

So, how do I deal with this player? He's always trying to run out in front, or split the party, or go off on his own.

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My "friends" talk over me when its my turn, ignore me during character interaction, and don't respect me as a fucking person. I feel like a ghost trying to interact with the living. At least here on a Chinese narative math forum people might actually hear me or understand what I have to say.

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>tfw you live in seattle and your opponent EEvolution's for fucking Magus of the Moon

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>would probably love playing BGx
>It's stupidly expensive

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>yfw Wizards kowtows immediately to the bitching and fasttracks a UR artificer for Amonkhet
>yfw it's inevitably fucking busted because when wizards rushes a blue card they break them

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"But - then why are they dying out?" you ask, confused.

"They accepted Red Troth's apology, but not his help," Lora says gently. "They said that their lives were their own, and had been for centuries, and they knew their path might end this way when they chose to walk it. Their leader at the time, Bran, said something to Red Troth that I didn't understand at the time. He said, 'To own something, you must be able to surrender it. If you cannot give it away, destroy it, sell it, forsake it, it is not yours; it belongs to whomever has forced it upon you. Our lives are our own, as are our deaths. You may not have them.'"

> That's a stupid reason to die
> I like that
> If that's what they want...

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Local friend group will never be simultaneously together again
Online group A can't regroup due to scheduling
Online group B was too small and has an uncomfortably critical autist
Online group C doesn't talk often


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You turn your chair to face Jewel and give her a long, serious look. The young woman blushes but doesn't look away.

"No, I wouldn't like you to be Cherry," you tell her quietly. "Cherry's got her own problems, and in any event I like /you/ too. Was that a slip of the tongue, Jewel?"

The apprentice healer shakes her head. The poor girl looks nervous as hell. You beckon for her to lean forward and take her hair out of her ponytail; she relaxes, helpfully, while you brush it back and bind it again.

"Most healers cut theirs short," you murmur.

"I've been thinking about it," she admits. "...Is that it? That's all you wanted to know?"

"I just had the same day you did, Jewel. I'm gathering my thoughts." Natalia approaches with a couple mugs of tea; you each take one with a murmur of thanks, met by her tired nod before she walks away.

She's doing better. Or she's too tired to be afraid of herself. One of the two.

"You're upset," Jewel says at last.

"I'm /thinking/," you correct, softly. "Jewel, do you /want/ a new mother, let alone me? I haven't exactly been around. River pointed that out to me, recently, but it's true for you and Cherry too. I've been busy."

"Busy. Yeah." Jewel looks away, over at Meadows. "...Your work is important. I know that. I'm not a kid, exactly, not...not any more. I know your reasons, and they're good. And even with all of those very good reasons, you've been here for me to help. You've made sure I'm doing okay, respected my choices. And...and I like that." She turns her head and gives you a wan grin. "Cherry already calls me her sister."

"...We've got more to talk about with this. Later," you add. "Probably after the Cornucopia."

"Can I still call you mom?" the young healer asks, in a small voice.

> ...Alright
> Hold off


> Attend to Tatters' murder before they go to sleep
> Go see Amy & her parents
> Check up on Nathan and Natalia

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>Accept it.

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Talon says nothing, but you have his undivided attention.

"I got picked out for a job," you tell him. "I didn't ask for it, but it's mine. I'm supposed to restore the Dungeon to working order, and I've got no guidelines and no rules. So I'm doing it the best way I know how."

Hunting Talon closes his eyes and takes a deep breath - you can see the wince from his wounds. "I thought I could rule the Roost. Force people to obey me. Intimidate them into uniting against our enemies."

"You could have ruled the Roost, Talon," you tell him. "But not like that. I think Amy might have preferred to see you on the Perch, but not after that. Razor Feathers might have sold out, but she was...honest. And you weren't."

"Leave me."

"As you wish."


> A Parliament of Murders
> This Is Not An Exit
> Bring Out Your Dead

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Bri's giving you an expectant look. You nod her off of Talon; she picks herself up and limps away, hunting after her stone death bottle. You give her a grateful look before turning your attention to Hunting Talon.

The one-eyed harpy looks as beaten as you've ever seen him. There's anger there, in his eye, but it's a weak, smoldering thing. He bleeds from multiple stab wounds; Bri got him good.

Though from her slow limping, your lover didn't get everything her own way.

"You know, even after this, I'm sorry it turned out this way," you tell him. "So here's what's going to happen, Talon. I'm going to deliver you to the shrine. You're going to stay there until we get things settled enough to open the doors. And then you're going to leave the Roost."

"Why not just kill me?" Talon croaks, miserably.

"I'm trying not to be like that any more," you answer, with a quiet shrug. "There's a whole world out there, Hunting Talon. The legends are /true/. The sky, it just goes on forever. No roof, no walls, just the wind and the land and freedom."

You offer your hand out. Talon takes it and picks himself up to his knees, groaning in agony.

"Maybe one day you can come back," you murmur. "And we can talk about what happened here. But for right now, I'm going to ask my mother to take you to the shrine. They'll patch your hurt and keep you safe from the people you've betrayed. And you're not gonna get a better deal than that."

* * * *

You are Brianna la Croix, and you are cut up to shit. It's hard for others to tell just yet, since those talons pierce something fierce, but you're pretty sure you've got holes in things you need to live.

You find your stone jug and kneel next to it. Nathan takes one look at you and limps over quickly. You let him strip your coat from you, hear his sharp intake of surprise and sympathetic pain.

With the adrenaline dying down, this seems a little like it's gonna fucking suck.

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>“Sure, we’d love to.”

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>part of only one game
>mfw there hasn't been a session for a more than a month

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Amy gave you the space you wanted, but eventually circumstances forced your hand; you have to go to the meetup with Nathan and Silence and swap notes. You return the chair inside and pick up the plate with your pipe and ash.

"C'mon," you murmur. "Let's go. Diving Shadow, you'd best be prepped to talk business here soon."

"Or?" she challenges softly.

"Or I'll trap you in a hell of blindness and silence so thick you won't be able to hear yourself think," you snap. "I don't care how fucking tough you are, we're trying to rescue your fucking husband and depose the Baron and thus far you have been of /negative value/ to that goal."

Diving Shadow regards you cooly and chirps before hopping down from her perch. "You are correct."

"...I'm also stressed," you grant. "That should've been more polite."

"Let's just get to work."

You scatter the ashes outside and brush the plate off before putting it away. You manage to chain-smoke your way through your entire cigarette supply on your way to the meetup and start in on the cigars after you settle in to wait.

Amy, heart in her throat, cautiously sits down next to you. You put your hat on her head and feel her relax slightly.

"I didn't mean it like that," she murmurs.

"I know you didn't," you say with a sigh. "You've been through a lot, and you're a bit..." you stop before you can say 'scatterbrained'. "Unfocused, sometimes. I know you've got a good heart, Ames. But that doesn't make it not hurt. And it doesn't mean you don't have to resolve this."

"I know," Amy whispers. She scoots her back against yours and sits, as you've seen her sit with Nathan.

Eventually you hear the sounds of people coming up the tunnel, along with Fetch - ever vigilant - informing you telepathically that the Hero has returned.

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You set your pipe down on the plate and put your hat back on your head. "You understand why I'm angry, Ames?"

Amy bites her lip and nods. "...I do."

"I know you're not a coward, Ames. Nathan and I deserved to know about this, and Nate /still/ doesn't know. That's gonna be a hell of a welcome-back surprise." Amy flinches at your quiet words, but she doesn't look away. "I don't think you had bad intentions, but that's not necessarily an excuse. If this is going to work, there has to be trust, and what you just told me is that you don't trust me."

"I didn't - Bri, I..."

You raise an eyebrow. "You what?"

Amy deflates and looks down at the table. "...No, I get it. And I've betrayed him twice now, once when I left and again when I didn't believe in him."

"You never answered my question," you point out softly.

"She doesn't have to," Diving Shadow interjects. "It takes a lot more than love for a successful relationship. I went through a lot of growing pains with Larry, a lot of misunderstandings. Amy could love Talon with all her heart but if she can't stand the future she sees with him, it's doomed. Promise or no promise."

You give Diving Shadow an appraising look. "...You're not wrong."

"I like to think my marriage has succeeded for /some/ reason," the harpy woman says modestly.

You look back to Amy and reach across the table to squeeze her hand. "I'm gonna go outside and be angry for a bit while I wait for Nathan. I still want us to be a thing."

"I do too," Amy whispers, icy eyes wide and soulful.

"I know, pretty bird. I need to be by myself for a bit now."

Amy nods and puts her head on the table when you let go of her hand. You take your chair outside with you and set it down a bit away from the house. You sit, heavily, and shake out a cigarette before lighting it.

The foul flavor is somehow comforting.

"Damnit bird," you mutter softly to yourself. "...Stop to think for five minutes sometime."

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