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It looks cool and gives you bragging rights. Once the grizzled old veteran comes out of retirement to fight one last dragon, he sure as fuck is going to drop by a healer first to get replace that badass hook hand with a more practical biological hand.

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but I'm scandinavian

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>so we all know that no character should ever die in a session ever
what is this pussy shit? This is a meat grinder and poorly optimized characters get churned into haggis

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>40% chance to stun, fuck you
what did he mean by this?

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Dragons are cooler than birds.

Medieval revolts aren't politicized in the modern sense.
A jacquerie isn't the revolution. And Bretonnia lacks the religious background to have a decent civil war.

And we got herrimaults and brigands already.
But a proletarian uprising wouldn't make sense. At best you'll get Moussillon burning down, but that's what the Cordon is for.

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Why don't you just save that one friendo?

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>low effort shit-posting
>two can play at that game

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Hello fellow dragons, it is I, also a dragon, and NOT a knight in disguise! What is the hypothetically best way for a knight, which I am not, to slay one of us while we sleep? I am asking so I can prepare and not for nefarious reasons.

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dontchu lewd mah boi!

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That's some eldritch abomination shit right there.

Never forget St George and Lenny the Dragon.

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Wouldn't that abundance of scaled creatures play against prejudice? If you see a very hairy man, you don't immediately think werebear, because those features are present on more than one species.
If the village is raided by lizardmen or kobolds every week, that's another story.

Also, in a fantasy setting, I think fairy tales and rumors would tell of the dragonborn adventurers, so people wouldn't be that surprised.

he got btfo in a previous thread where he was answered by a massive amount of ironic 'ugh' and request to just shut up and fuck off. Now he uses *cringe* or similar things.

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Were these swords ever used during the Crusades or only long after?

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>mfw the peasants are so weak they can't even get rid of fucking retarded dragons and I have to take care of all the vermin myself
>my feet hurt
>I could be questing the grail right now instead
>this is bullshit

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See >>54453690

Some does not equal furry. Full on lizard man equals furry, which is what that fucker was talking about.

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Daily reminder to purge the Discord

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Hiroshimoot said we can have one meta thread

How do we fix /tg/?

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Negotiate. If he's not a megalomaniac, he should be swayed by reason.

Look, if he's evil, and he needs killin', then by god, I'm doing some killin'. I mean, don't get me wrong, he may be a real nice guy. But if his goals and mine are in opposition and there's no other way to resolve it but by force...

We'll knock back a few pints in the tavern later to the one bad guy we could have liked.

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That's because Christian art had to depict evil as being weak and craven, the downside of which being that the slaying of that evil doesn't seem very impressive

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Settle it the old fashioned way.

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>Huge McStrongGuy sacrifices himself so someone far weaker and (at least at first glance) far less suited to save the day may live

A 'trope' that I don't think is all that common but makes me feel is
>The knight who fights otherworldly horrors out of duty and hides the fact that he's slowly going insane so he can remain the stalwart rock his community depends on

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