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I mean generic systems that aren't from some of the more well-known suppliers(like Warlord Games).

Just a book I can pick up, read through the rules and slap the models down.

Aka, I just want to know what else is out there other than Warlord games. I've only ever played 40k but I like history. Also, it might be a fun way to get my nephews interesting in both history and wargaming.

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Do you like adventurers to be celebrities? Inspiring madmen who throw around stupid amounts of cash, do a dangerous job for gold and glory, and warrant respect for their contribution to society?

Or do you like adventurers being rough, dirty, nasty men who nobody likes because they wander about killing things for a living? Short lived brutish fellows who can snap at a moment's notice and carve their way through a village because a little boy stole picked their pocket for a few silver. The kind of people that you deal with only because you have to and stay away from the bars that they frequent.

Would you be happy to hear that your daughter has fallen for an adventurer? Or disappointed and scared?

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Again, thanks. I've been reading up on medieval warfare, but needed that part somewhat clarified.

Now I can start writing low-fantasy war stories accurately!

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I found this website. I like it and use it. Mayhaps put it in the list?


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so what are you doing here then?

what would you prefer?

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yea, a squad of men with polearms should beat most giants if they know what they're doing.

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I'd like to request commanders in front of their armies.
Preferably with a forest of spears or other pole-arms.

Also, looking for a specific pic, it was an angel that looked like a little girl standing on the shoulder of an armored knight in the midst of a group of knights. she was also dressed kind of lewd

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Rhodok master race reporting in.

what the fuck? It doesn't look bad at all

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"By the Dark Father, Marcus. No need to be standing to attention for me. We'll be seeing quite a lot of each other now."

He relaxes his stance somewhat, but doesn't take his eyes off you.

"So you're the Corporal for 7th Platoon's new squad? I'm either your new Lancer or I've been demoted to Trooper again. Either way I'm coming with you." The old Neumunster veteran grins at his own joke as you turn to the training areas, surely the Blackguards will be there?

"I just have one request, Corporal. If I'm going to be your Lancer I prefer a certain degree of autonomy. I've been ordering grunts around all my life, soldiery is all I've ever known. I know the one thing that indicates that things have gone to shit is when the superiors start arguing in front of the troops. So I'd ask this, Corporal, don't counteract my directions in front of the others if you can help it and I hope you can trust me to be competent at my own role."

>"Of course we won't be arguing in front of the grunts, Lancer Marcus. That's because you're going to be doing exactly as you're fekking told."
>"Sounds reasonable. I can't promise I won't overrule you if I see a better option, but I will do my best to bring any concerns to you in private."

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Fuck man, they get turned up to 100.

Rhodoks are now Italian plate-armored hedgewalls with crossbowmen that can your horse out from under you and then engage you as abley as many other factions higher-teir infantry. Rhodoks rock 'round the clock

And they get one or two cavalry dudes too.


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I'm trying, but I cant find any end all be all sources. I mostly just get my historical knowledge from my big ass world history books and /tg/ threads.

Are there any websites that are like:: "And here we will discuss medevil warfare in excruciating detail."?

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-Last of the dragons finally die out or are so rare it's the same result.

-Cult on the eastern continent across the seas finally wipes out Human/Orc resistance, continues its anti-dragon crusade. Might lose momentum as it was entirely based on blaming dragons for everything.

-Either Elf or Human nation rises to ascendance depending on which can capitalise on the decline of dragonkind faster

-As the communication gap between east and west shortens the reaction will most likely be a violent reaffirmation by the west in their faith of the Young Gods.

-Depending on reaction to the Cult either the western continent follows suit or forms an amalgamation of multiracial nations to resist its spread. This would probably be resolved in the form of primarily naval engagements, brushfire wars and purges in both continents against the faith of the other.

-Essentially a Cold War across two continents if the West gets it's shit together.

That actually sounds pretty fucking rad.

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How practical is Mount and Blade?

obviously there are some major issues like slashing a man in full plate and expecting to do damage, but how about how the soldiers themselves are armed and armored?

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How many Mount and Blade threads have you been in? We've discussed them in every single one

they're the fucking best

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You inbred horsefuckers wouldn't know how to form a shield wall if it skewered you from moth to ass.

me thinks you'll see my point soon enough

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Are my kingdom names for Not!Europe any good?

Kingdom of Vadplaats

Kingdom of Schonhuase

Kingdom of Padepe

Kingdom of Nachamya

Kingdom of Hjemstan

Kingdom of Isbrea

Kingdom of Spodjon

Kingdom of Lieyum

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Nowadays I constantly run into the problem that I dont really know a good method to handle small scale battles where my PCs command/battle small squads(6-12 people). I am looking for a way where I can find the middle ground between classical party-based rpg and small-scale battle games.

It would be great if the system would know squad morals, a bit abstract and easy to handle.
I am not really looking for complete systems but methods and ideas to integrate into our session.

Could you guys point me in the right direction?

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You get to be a baller ass mercenary captain.

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