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Dark Eldar buyfag from yesterday here.
I picked up:
>6 Talos
>1 Cronos
>40 Wracks
>1 Raider
>3 Venom
>3 Grotesque conversions
>2 Haemies
>ton of bits
$225 shipped

Someone tell me I did good before I realize how much money I just blew for Haemonoculus Covens.

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>what's the easiest fleet to kitbash between tau, dark eldar and orks?
Orks, DE, Tau in that order.
Orks canonically just bash plates and forests of guns, rokkits, shokka gunz, and whatever else will fit into Imp and Chaos cruiser hulls and then pray to Gork* that the engines will be able to power enough of it to make a difference. The Flyboyz are busy krumpin' each other in the heads and trying to whip the snotz into reloading, and the Meks are strapping bigass engine tubes onto the ass that mostly look "pretty". Shark faces are optional but hilarious.

DE can use bits from Jetbikes and trooper trim fairly effectively to make their ships; pic related is one such fleet (the small ones to the bottom right are Impaler Assault Modules)

For Tau you're usually better off jacking some standard "Alien"-style linear Terran ships from Halo/FS:A/any of about a thousand games for the fleet. Use more streamlined models for the Warfleet and boxier shit for the Merchant fleets.

*or possibly Mork

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Yeah, I was never a fan of the official Dark Eldar fleet minis. All the good stuff has been kitbashed from 40k Dark Eldar parts.

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The escorts are made from hellion skyboards

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