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>scp-682 lewd
You know anon, I write smut, on request, most often with 40K characters.

but I have one rule, it has to be internally consistent with the setting and characters, otherwise why the fuck am I even writing fanfiction if I am just going to twist the characters to the point of them being unrecognizable.

Why, ohy why would SCP 682 do anything lewd? Its sole purpose is hatred and destruction.

Now I could imagine 682 hatefucking someone to torture them, but I wouldn't want to write that.

I could imagine 682 forcing the succubus to break her religious vows and gangbang under threat of death, then proceed to kill all the Class C personel after the gangbang is over just to be cruel, and I might write that.

But aside from those scenarios? It wouldn't be in character.

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>Abominations from beyond the veil of time and space
>Humans are actually important as they seem to be able to stop them

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Perhaps better is a system for randomly creating the monster girl stats. Then someone could take "their favorite"/"any other random entity"+girl

In case you want to make a flumph-girl or a whatever-the-hell-this-pic-is-girl.

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If they're a shrieking tumblr-ette, no.

If they're an otherwise decent person recovering or coping with trauma, yes, because playing make believe with friends in a safe environment probably helps a lot with that.

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I have a deep and abiding love for Hedge Beasts and Hobs

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Hey /tg/. What system can I use to run a The Thing game?

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Unfortunately, I'm running this over IRC. The timer would be the only thing I could do.
Who says we aren't?

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