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You... you are clearly missing the point, aren't you? You're so desperate to prove me wrong that you don't even understand what I was trying to say: I'm not saying rape is only horrible when it happens to women and funny when it happens to women, I'm saying society thinks that. I'm not saying female genital mutilation is horrible but male genital mutilation a purely aesthetic procedure that the mother can opt into at her leisure, I'm saying society thinks that. You cannot prove me wrong about this, you can only retreat and say "Well, I-I never cared about man-woman bullshit anyway!", which only raises the question why you're replying in the first place.

You're so obviously mad. It's best if you just stopped replying.

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>I'm purposefully draw the head's outline to go inside the head to make it smaller than it actually is.

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>Feels somehow sexual.
You've been on 4chan too long.

>Can't the giantess just think of them as her family?
I guess, but would you consider a minor city of intelligent mice asking you to beat up the local cat once in a while your family? Or would you consider them cute and just watch them go about their mousey way, figuring out how their little mouse society works and how those little buggers manage to build towers that reach up to your knee?

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>replying to the same quote twice
What the fuck am I even doing.

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>10am after an all nighter.

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You need your rest, Beri. You're sick.

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>And can the Nazis and the Jews TEAM UP

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