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How terrifying a CR 4 monster is the gerbie?


>Aura of Friendship (Sp): Any creature within 60 feet of a gerbie must succeed at a DC 18 Will saving throw or have its attitude adjusted to friendly toward both the gerbie and any other creatures currently within the aura’s area of effect, as per charm monster. This positive attitude toward other targets of the ability lasts for 1 day after leaving the gerbie’s aura. A creature that leaves and reenters a gerbie’s aura can attempt another saving throw. A creature that successfully saves against this ability is immune to that gerbie’s aura for 24 hours. Being attacked by another creature within the aura (including the gerbie) immediately ends the forced friendliness toward that creature and prompts a new save against the aura, with the standard +5 bonus for being threatened while charmed. The save DC is Charisma-based.

>Charmer (Su): A creature targeted by the gerbie’s charm monster spell-like ability does not receive the +5 bonus to its saving throw if being attacked by the gerbie or its allies. This does not apply to the aura of friendship ability.

>Forget (Su): A gerbie that makes a successful touch attack on a creature can cause it to forget something, as if it had failed its saving throw against modify memory, save that the effect is immediate and the gerbie does not need to spend time visualizing the modification.

A gerbie can charm people with disturbing ease for its CR. In fact, the people in its aura are charming each other and can give orders with opposed Charisma checks. A gerbie can also make people forget memories with a touch attack, no saving throw allowed. Given time alone with a gerbie (presumably while charmed and ordered around with opposed Charisma checks), a gerbie can wipe clean any pesky memories a victim may have.

And a gerbie is completely innocent due to being chaotic good.

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What's the problem, bridge troll?

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