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Good god. This is horrible.

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>Open the door
>GM rolls some dice
>"Roll for perception anon"

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Great, now I have to tell my shrink that not only am I dreaming about manga, I'm also dreaming about 4chan

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>that pic

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Fuck you anon, I'll never be able to unsee that.

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Thinking of making a space marine chapter since I'm struggling to motivate myself to finish the Yaotls at the moment. Apologies for my absence, I had exams to write.

The basic idea is that they have a star system with... wait for it... 60 HABITABLE WORLDS. Well, 59, because reasons, but believe it or not this is something that can actually happen in space, though the chances are astronomically slight.
Basically it's suspected that the system was deliberately crafted by some long-vanished xeno race, as the only metal in the system is tied up in mysterious xeno artifacts that distort gravity around them (they're also bigger on the inside than on the outside, but let's not get into that). The last time someone tampered with one of these artifacts, a habitable moon was rendered uninhabitable, so the Imperium has decided to leave them alone.

The chapter itself is on permanent crusade duty, and has a strength of around 10,000 marines. Having 59 feral worlds to recruit from (although the local wildlife is all tame, cutting down on the recruiting pool as people can get soft) their "chapter" is fuckhuge. However, it takes absurd attrition rates. They function somewhat like the pre-heresy Iron Warriors OU, being the meat grinder chapter.

The chapter would be second founding, and created for the explicit purpose of recapturing fortress worlds that went renegade after the Heresy. After most of these have been cleaned up in a millenia or so, the chapter is just used as a meatgrinder, sent at targets that the IG can't crack in a decent timeframe and other chpaters would take unacceptable losses assaulting.


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>OP's face when

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