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This is how I GM.

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Worst nightmares made real

>Get invited to a game
>15 point buy
>People rolled Bard, Cleric and Summoner
>Core only but for the summoner, because reasons
>All of them maxed on AC (Small races, 7 on str to max Dex, feats into AC, shields, etc) even the Eidolon is small and every evolution was spent on AC or Dex, and uses a fucking shield (or was a buckler?)
>The fuck is this?
>Because I'm the last player my choices are few
>DM and group tells me basically I have to roll a martial, and if possible one with enough skill ranks because Bard wasted them in "useless" crap because "muh couturier background!"
>Double fuck
>Ranger seems like the only option
>This is going to suck
>Every encounter ever goes awful because those fuckers don't enter in melee not even to help me flank oraid, not even cast spells because in the moment they cast a spell and some enemies pass the save they refuse to cast more because "they need the spell slots for healing"
>Summoner sometimes uses summon monster (he doesn't even send the eidolon to combat) but they're rather weak (summon monster I or II)
>They only cast healing spells on themselves because "I can't come near you, they'll hit me!"
>Enemies ignore them because my AC is 19, theirs is 24+
>Eventually reach 4th level
>Bored and annoyed as fuck, tell DM this is my last day
>Lucky me my PC dies when he gets double charged and GM rolls nat20 and nat19
>Enemies can't hit them
>They look fairly confident
>GM decides to grapple
>Horror face
>They blame me
>Doesn't matter that was my last day
I hope they all drown

Anyway, any story to share?

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>Beastmaster is better than Conan.

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>Be ranger because GM only allows core only for the moment
>Sessions later new guy enters in the group
>Asks what are we
>Rolls inquisitor with animal domain, boon companion and proceeds to outclass me at fucking everything I do
>Ask him what's his problem
>"Oh, don't ask me, talk with the GM"
>Ask GM why he has access to APG and we don't
>Tells me that he now allows shit from APG and other sources but only if our character dies and roll a new one
>Ask to retire my obsolte PC to something more useful
>Says "no, and don't even think on suiciding your PC, I'm watching you"
>Everybody seems ok with the inquisitor doing everything better than me
>Decide to better avoid problems and leave

Its time to leave. Srly, is like this game turns people into unsociable morons.

Pic related, what /tg/ probably thinks about me.

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