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My quality of life would've been better if I could've entered the grave without ever knowing that.

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>Yeah but the Hunter got a playtest and it was hammered by entire forum's worth of criticism before it became "okay."
>Even then there was a bit of pushback against criticisms.
>the fucking half-assed-looking Hunter was even more half-assed before it got blasted

Something about this hurts me in a way I can't quite put my finger on

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>mfw at this point I actually want to get with the monk girl because she's pure and kind
>mfw I have no idea how to make that work out after having (involuntarily) mouthraped her
>mfw too autistic to "retcon" my fantasy

Send help.

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I'm still waiting on my anwser on what London has to do with HANDS!

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You showing up reminded me, but I wonder the following: If Deadly Agility is being changed to directly replace Strength in functionality, does this mean that a Dragon Ferocity using Scaled Fist Monk with Deadly Agility becomes the ultimate damage dealer? Will we have to wait to see what exactly the wording on the "New and Improved (tm) Deadly Agility" is before we can make a final decision?
Remember, Dragon Style has a Str requirement, but Scaled Fist monk can skip those requirements.

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WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! Why would there be people who would do this shit?!

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You know, im hearing what your saying and then im thinking back to my 2 years doing Aid work and just how many gosh darn women were out there re-building civilization. Come out and join us in the real world for a bit, get some dirt under your fingernails, and maybe hold onto someone who's dying. Or better you you can be the one digging infant graves at 6 in the moring instead of shit posting on the internet. Maybe after that my tits won't be such an imposition.

Hey, I broke even, I'm 26, and i've got a degree and a post grad. Maybe you should keep working extra hard and you'll get there in 20 years.

Listen, if you cant get a proverbs 31 women to pay attention to you maybe you should double check how your going about it.

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>The entire world is not California.

You live in one of those really small towns dont you? It's ok, you're among friends here. We're not going to hurt you just because you looked at a boy in the change room after gym class.

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>Ars Magica

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>thread reminds that True Dragon is a thing that DSP made
>mfw I realize I will probably never get to play one no matter how rad it is
>mfw I'm probably going to spend all night thinking about dragon characters I'll never get to play
>mfw I will never get to play a True Dragon Vigilante

I love the chargen game, but sometimes it causes me pain

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>"as you're standing there, one of the town guards approaches you and asks you to..."
>I draw my blades!
>I roll a stealth check to hide in the crowd
>Wait, am I there? I cast charm person on the guard
>I rolled a crit on my attack roll
>Can I buy a potion from one of the vendors before this happens?

The guard literally just wanted to ask them to make way for a wagon of festival supplies

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I don't know if I have one either, but I can at least post the face I always had when I tried applying for games on roll20.

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>How was your weekend, ... Did you enjoy your session?

No. I really didn't. I've confirmed that a gut feeling I had about our newest player was correct, and ten times worse than I thought it was. I have no way to approach this without it blowing up in my face. I like my DM too much to just go cause a blowout, but it feels like a bomb waiting to go off. This player is on two strikes with me, and I don't know how well I can weather a third.

Forrest, if you're reading this, your behavior has spoiled me. Why do you have to be such a good example?

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>GMs constantly telling me to write more information for my character applications
>end up becoming #1 bestselling novel author worldwide in an attempt at writing a pathfinder character for a game
>"it's not good enough, anon, I'm accepting generic rogue #1417 instead" - the GM
>mfw I just want to play the game

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>tfw you read the third book expecting a neat wrap up after being tormented by cliffhangers
>tfw another fucking cliffhanger and "haha just kidding new trilogy"
It's never enough apparently.

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Rolled 73 (1d100)


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Rolled 7 + 13 (1d10 + 13)

Rip both his arms off? Leave him alive, but totally incapable of fighting back, before we turn 360° and moonwalk away.

Blank, unquenchable rage.

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Wait, I forgot to mention some facts about the first girl
>That one time she talked to me about dildos and asked me if I owned one
>When I denied it she told me it's perfectly normal for guys to own one
>That one time when she asked me if I like big or small tits and I avoided answering because 2lewd

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I honestly am not sure I trust my sister or her friends to play a Paladin, I might stick that as an option anyway though.

>mfw only system I know enough about to hope to explain is pathfinder
>mfw my family and friends think I'm some turboautist expert of TTRPGs

I'm doing my best, anon, but I already know my best isn't good enough

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So you're going to do it just once? Go back to the snowball situation. It isn't going to stop with just once. Plus you're likely to have gained the attention of Vect, and depending on his reaction you might need more power to survive. Happens again, and keeps on snowballing. Eventually you're back at the whole sacrificing all of Commoragh scenario again.

Despite what you might think, this becomes worse if you have Dark Binding. Since you're killing all of these Eldar you have the potential to grab all of those souls. (Disclaimer that while I know that in series Alucard gets it from drinking blood, the perk description doesn't go into requirements beyond killing. This is a walkthrough of a bad idea to begin with.) Which has now absolutely gotten Slaan's attention. Plus despite having their psychic abilities atrophy, Eldar still have some as beings with souls. You might just hit critical mass here, and end up becoming a nascent god of chaos yourself which now has everyone's attention. This is, understandably, a Very Bad Thing Happening To You.

So lets say you survive all of the above in some manner or another. Well now the only city where you won't be killed just for being an Eldar is gone, and the craft worlds won't take you in for sure. Even if you're not a CG? You need to keep running from Slaanesh and never stop. Snowball keeps rolling and you're going to end up devouring everything in your path like some a spookier tyranid fleet but with souls/lives

tl;dr You're gonna have a bad time. Just don't.

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One of the first games I was ever in years ago, the GM was this guy who introduced it as an all-vampire homebrew of 3.5. Being young and knowing nothing about any of this, I just thought vampires would be fun, so I agreed to play.

The first encounter, he traps us with rivers we can't cross, and has a dragon shoot fire breath at us. Kills a PC. This is within ten minutes of the game starting. At the end of the fight, after we had to flee in terror, he very smugly tells us, "That encounter was designed to kill you so you know your characters aren't invincible". The guy who died asks if, since it was meant to teach us a lesson, and it took him an hour to make his character, if he can just change the name and reuse it.


Every person we meet suspects us of being vampires. Every NPC opens doors and says hello while pointing a crossbow at us. Literally the entire world is apparently fully aware of vampires and suspicious at all times that every other person they see is one.

GM grabs by the hair and violently yanks the head of another player who lowered his face onto his hands, like putting his head down because he was tired. Hits people's hands if they reach for minis on the board.

We spend hours trying to figure out some plot with werewolves we're supposed to hunt I guess. We finally get frustrated by the total stonewalling from all NPCs ever and kidnap a guy. We roll intimidation over and over. We torture him for hours. We threaten to kill his mother. We torture his mother in front of him. All we are asking him is, "which direction did those werewolves you saw go?". He refuses to tell us. We are complaining about this, all of us at a loss as to what the fuck to do. I ask the GM why this guy won't just tell us.

GM leans forward and literally screams at us, like crazy loud, his face turning red, "well, maybe if you weren't all being such FUCKING ASSHOLES!"

I didn't go to the second game.

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that isn't how it works

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