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tyranids need biological innovation right?

Given how quickly microbes reproduce and how distant the ecosystems of the universe are, at this point the microbiological ecosystems of the populated planets are probably infinitely more diverse than any of the other races which is advantageous for the tyranids.

Microbes by themselves probably aren't worth the effort but the combined effects of millions of worlds of truly unique biomass probably greatly strengthens the tyranids overall.

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> the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the demiplane and it's splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” 10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Badass Healing Clerics, and serve him only.

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Yeah, i did say you don't have to like his videos no problem but he does have a genuine concern for the hobby and the community, that alone gives him my support

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honestly.....really honestly....nothing is on the horizon for 40k. 40k is hopelessly niche in a way that comics, DnD/PenandPaper, vidya, and board games aren't. The reason why mainstream or "SJW" people are attracted to those things is because they allow for creativity and reinterpretation. Comics are art and are constantly changing. Pen and Paper games let you express however you want creating both characters and worlds collaboratively, Board games are going through a renissance of new themes and inventive mechanics, and vidya is undergoing a indie golden age ( despite it's AAA problems) that allows all sorts or voices to come into the market and make something cool.

wargaming on the other hand is expensive, creatively rigid, entirely dominated by one company, and most importantly dying. It's a weird rotting corpse that's been strapped onto the back of pen and paper since DnD transcended it in it's inception. Everything that 40k does, is done better elsewhere. Is 40k accessible? Not really, it's lore is bloated and dull. Is 40k doing something really cool and innovative right now? HAHAHAHA no they aren't. Does 40k offer the eas of play and customization that magic does? No. It requires lots of table space and big up front investments. Magic is more customizable and is initially far more customizable for less money. In the end there's nothing that's gonna draw new people to 40k.

So nothing is gonna happen to 40k. It's just going to continue to be the terrible inbred thing it's been for decades.

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>Corruption doesn't cause collapse
What do you mean by corruption? Because Corruption absolutely can cause collapse. I assume people in this thread are talking about relatively sparse ( and despite how bad things are they are still in fact relatively infrequent currently) backroom deals like what people in the west think of as corruption. which is of course isn't good and has negative impact, but doesn't show what happens if corruption continues over time which, again, absolutely can cause or at the very least hasten the collapse of a state.

Corruption can set norms in place that spread from top down across all institutions, and that corruption creates and exacerbates inefficiencies which drains resources and prevents the government from taking ANY action even ones essential to maintaining the survival of the state.

When every individual only works in exchange for bribes, or steal resources for themselves, or nepotistic promotional strategies become dominant the actual amount of material wealth the nation may or may not have becomes immaterial because they state can't use those resources.

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T4 now requires S8 to wound on 2+.
AP is completely changed, so stuff like 2+ armor isn't an all or nothing effect.
Moral isn't an all or nothing effect. (this is for everyone, not just orks)
No more initiative score so the "i2, orks are a melee faction" meme is completely dead.

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ehhh, MGTOW may or may not be right of marraige law, but MGTOW is very much grounded in " all women are evil" once you actually start examining the community so you do have to address that element/core belief of the movement if you're going to talk about mgtow

case in point

>“Truth” as men know it does not exist in the same way for women. Women are “herd creatures” and thus women find “truth” or right and wrong through the consensus of the herd.

>ALL girls are flakey and need to be dumped sooner or later

>Quite obviously, all modern women have gone insane,

>he only thing women are known for is sucking a cock, like seriously what have women achieved? fucking nothing. you always go for a rich dude who worked hard to reach that position and fuck him. that's the nature of the women and you still need preferences? I'm waiting for that day when all men realise this and can save themselves from mental trauma that women create. GO MGTOW

etc etc etc

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>you'd know he is not even a white supremacist. He just wants to live in place with other white people

White nationalism isn't possible not simply because of the political nature of the world right now, but because the underlying ideas are unfeasible and the theoretical would either be forced to transition into a white supremacist expansionist empire, a multicultural state, or collapse. making the distinction between supremacist and nationalist largely meaningless.

to clarify.

The Unavoidable collapse of any theoretical white nationalist state

A white nationalist state would have to prioritize it's ethnic makeup over it's economic interests. A vital element of an economy is freedom of movement. the easier it is for citizens to go where they want to in order to obtain work or live where they want to live, ( even outside it's borders as we see with the EU) the generally healthier the economy is. While a white ethnostate may permit this to some degree, as time progressed it would be forced to begin to limit this as it could not a.) allow white citizens to interact or breed with other ethnic groups as would inevitably happen or b) allow for non-white to emigrate as even with a ethnostate some non-whites or "whiteish" people would eventually seek to emigrate for one reason or another. ( presuming it has a growing economy). As it become harder to relocate inside and outside the ethnostate it's economy would become more and more restrained as travel would become more and more difficult. This would worsen the problems


The ethnostate would naturally suffer from the l problems discussed in the first part these problems would get worse as the ethnostate would be forced to deal for the resources it doesn't have. The state's racial philosophy would force it into a position of sustaining itself entirely within it's own borders to avoid "globalism". ... continued in part 2

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99% of /tg/ has no idea what a glitterboy even is given that the'y never actually play any rpgs so i don't know what you're expecting here.

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people tend to forget that our immune system often actively and deliberately kill us when we get too sick

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[ ] [CROSSBOW] If they want to try and shoot you with fancy shiny lights, then you're just going to have to introduce them to metal bolts.
[ ] [MELEE] Get a running start, get up into their faces, and start slicing and dicing. You'll show them the true meaning of inevitability.
[ ] [BACKUP] Seems like PS knows these fuckers better than you. Follow her lead and give her backup, at least until you know what these phones are capable of.
[ ] [SUMMON] Say hello to your little friends, because you've got better things to do than run after this trio of plastic assholes.
[ ] [COLLAPSE] Let PS distract them- while you run in and cut the tree out from under your enemies. Let's see how they take a nice painful spill and a rain of heavy wooden logs.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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It's like rationing your spells for opportune use is a key element in playing a caster or something.

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Rifts always embodies a very specific problem that RPGs have but that's rarely brought up. The necessity of a generalized Genre in a game setting.

Rifts takes place in a post apoc/ Giant Mecha/ Alien/Robot/Magic/Vampire/Dystopian/talking animal future where everything that can exist, does exist. I'll admit that it's entertaining , but it deosn't make a lick of sense, and I'll never find anybody that could possibly explain ALL of it coherently ( By which I mean all regions, racial groups and occupations together in a world that makes sense) This naturally works against the game's ability to become popular, because it's scope makes it less and less accessible.

Like it or hate it, Dungeons and Dragons became the most well known RPG out there because compared to other possible settings (sci-fi,super, post apoc) Fantasy requires the least amount of "front loading" for the players to grasp whats going on. at a minimum the players wil start from the assumption of "Knights fight monsters in the middle ages" and go from there.

This is why games with setting s that have simple easy to grasp setting hooks ( you play vampires!) or are tied to a very popular license ( starwars or Lovecraft) tend to stick around longer than games with a very specific very unique setting.

I'm sure someone will say something to the effect of

>fuck plebs if they can't put in the time to understand then i'll take my neckbeard and...

let me tell them now that eliteism doesn't matter. A game can be the greatest bestest game every, but if people don't know whats going on from the very beginning they won't be able to go deeper so the just wont go, and the game won't be able to grow, so it'll end up like what happened to rifts. A dead largely niche product in a real of niche products. Sucks but true

Unknown armies and eclipse are amongst my two favorite games but i've played very little of either of them for this exact reason. I reiterate, Sucks but true.

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>it's the players, not the system

Not that guy, but caster edition famously began the video-gamified trend of creating a sub-game within the RPG about customizing (and optimizing) character "builds." Before that, characters were almost 100% homogenized in D&D and the only difference between them was their Ability scores, which end up random if you roll, or always end up about the same for each class if you don't.

While it's true THAT GUY exacerbates any game balance situation, the system is at fault as well for promoting this.

I'm not saying character stat customization is badwrongfun, but some people don't like it because it inherently introduces the balance problems people like to complain about.

You see, 4e and other versions of the game fixed this issue by letting characters have lots of options but making all options the same power level, and therefore meaningless. This causes complaints of everything being "samey."

There IS a legit crowd of munchkin players. The problems start when you mix munchkins with other kinds of players in the same group.

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Anyway, stuff about the bonus scene I'm gonna write in compensation for being out for a month!

I didn't really get a solid consensus last time, so I'll call another vote with the choices that either got more agreement and/or is more feasible, so-

[ ] [ROKKO]
[ ] [MOJANG]
[ ] [EIN]
[ ] [SOULS]
[ ] [BLANC]
[ ] [NOIRE]

Catch you all next time!

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Railroading is unavoidable. It's exactly what you're trying to do, not what you're trying to avoid. You just want to keep up the illusion of total freedom while still moving forward with your story, which reduces freedom, however slightly.

As a player I wouldn't mind this so much if you still allowed a fair degree of choice in how to proceed once the macguffin has been stickied. I like the audacity of your plan of just throwing a macguffin down from the heavens and I personally support the plan to permanently attach it to a party member.

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Shaking your head, you strangle the mild existential horror rising up within your breast and get to consulting Therapist, throwing your telepathic net out as wide as you can.

One thing at a time. Figuring out exactly what Neptunizing entails comes later. You've got adventurers to recruit.

[ ] [THRAVAR] Goddammit. Another name you don't recognize, though it sounds familiar. She's relatively close by, but the island she's on seems more or less barren, with no resources you can pick up. She's not on the move, though.
[ ] [FARRAH] Definitely a name you don't recognize. According to Therapist, she's a little farther away, and is close to an island with tons of harvestable trees. What's strange is that she... appears to be floating ABOVE the island. In the void.
[ ] [TIFF] Oh, well, HERE'S a name you saw yesterday. She's still on the move, running through a floating island with more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Has she ever stopped moving? Is... is she running from something?
[ ] [GO WANDERING] You're honestly curious if there's anything deeper "down" in the void. Maybe you can take some time to go exploring?

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So yeah
Different effects?
More interaction types?
I like the idea; I've got a more involved version of Charm jotted down on some paper, but it's not worth going into as it's liable to change before long.

Giving different kinds of interactions different effects, particularity mechanical consequences for failure, makes it important not only to consider how well/in what ways your character would communicate, but what sort of interactions would have the best effects.

also, counter-rolls
what about a R/P/S situation, like,
Charm > Goad > Intimidate > Char, giving some kind of bonus to using specific approaches over others.

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The bunker feels really damn small with so many people crammed into it, and it feels smaller yet when everyone speaks up at once, volunteering for this or that.

Really, the biggest thing is that you can't have gigantic groups running around and dungeon-crawling, so right off the bat, you all mostly agree that you ought to just bring /one/ person with you to dungeon-dive. Eventually, you settle on a handful of plans:

[ ] [BRING VERT] No kill like overkill, right? Vert can fly you to and from the dungeon, blast you through everything, and be back lickety-split, although a goddess flying around IS noticeable, so you might bump into some unwelcome resistance. Everyone else who's left behind are all capable of relocating just as quickly.
[ ] [BRING EXEY] While Exey's VTOL isn't exactly stealthy, travel will be fast, though you don't know how quickly you'll clear the dungeon. With Vert back at base, and Shovel Knight to dig right through to the alternate bunkers, base relocation will be middlingly fast- but much safer, at least.
[ ] [BRING ROKKO] Her Rush Jet will get you there faster than walking, but you'll clear through the dungeon easily with a veteran by your side- just so long as she doesn't break down. Between Exey and Vert at base, relocation will be fast and safe.
[ ] [BRING SHOVEL KNIGHT] A solid fighter and a stalwart ally- she won't get you to or from (or THROUGH) the dungeon all that fast, but it's the stealthiest option you've got. Between Vert, Exey, and Rokko- all fast travelers and primed for battle- you won't have anything to worry about back home, at least.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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Ehh... The people profiting from it wouldn't give a shit but abolitionism, slave rebellions, reform, and outright slave revolt have a long global history.

Shit is always more complicated than you think.

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You're trying to point out that they hate and oppose each other, and fuck with each other's plans, and in the case of Khorne is the personification of violence and murder, but they wouldn't actually hurt each other.
Because there are no examples of them as the Gods, trying to directly kill each other.

While at the same time claiming that they aren't simple beings capable of birth and death, but eternal concepts. But asking for examples of them acting as discrete beings with lives and thoughts like mortal beings.

And at the same time claiming that 40k fluff is consistent and not-ambiguous.

Do you see the problem here?

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>King is killed and resurrected
>and again
>and AGAIN
>For fuck sake, are you people ruled by Krillin?
>Pharasma has had enough of your shit
>Maruts. Maruts EVERYWHERE.
>This was the BBEG's plan all along.

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if there are space pokemon, why not space lasers?
>Pseudo-Legendaries aren't "Legendary" in the sense that they are forces of nature
clearly they've never seen a Tyranitar in action

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Even though it will always be a part of all things /tg/ related, we should acknowledge that the fantasy setting is slowly falling out of favor with the general populace. What will game designers go to next? What will they see as the next big thing?

Horror is a likely candidate, as the Cthulhu Mythos, as well as zombies, are insanely popular right now. But those could both be said to be falling out of favor as well, especially zombies, due to over saturation.

What about sci-fi? Star Wars is coming back and could herald a major return of the genre. Or, perhaps we might see a refined Sci-fi genre return with cyberpunk being popular. Android: Netrunner is slowly gaining popularity and could lead that particular charge?

Or will something totally unexpected become the go-to setting for the /tg/ world? Cowboys, either part of the weird west or just the wild west? Pirates have always seemed to be just at the threshold of taking over various aspects of the /tg/ world, maybe their time is near.

What are your thoughts on the state of popular settings as they relate to /tg/?

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