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Yeah, the errata was fine. Made the game seem reasonable. pre-errata gameplay seemed dumb, distorted, and silly.

Also, do you know what the Nemesis Fleet Carrier is from? dem fighter bays 6 on each side?
I never saw it in the original pdfs, but I saw it recently in a collated ships listing.

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Hi /tg/, /m/ here, do you guys have non-shrunken versions of 40k space ship charts like pic related? This was the only one I could find that wasn't reduced in size. Also starship fleet thread because why not?

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Not these , right?

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I got my hand on some models and some sheets I will post here.

I wish there were more for all factions.

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I have some stuff I can share

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I do love BFG.

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Oh lawdy me.

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I have a few. Imperial Navy.

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Yup, space games. Talk about them here. BFG, Firestorm Armada, Full Thrust, I don't care. Go nuts.

In my case, I need some help with Battlefleet Gothic. Namely, whether escorts are useful or not in a Space Marine fleet.

My 1500 list is as follows:
Master of the Fleet, one extra reroll
Battle Barge
3 squadrons of 3 strike cruisers
3 firestorm frigates

Thoughts? Changes? I have yet to run a Space Marine force, my chosen fleet being the Necrons (I know, I know), but with how awesome the Strike Cruisers are, I wanted to jam as many in there as I could. My general plan of action was to smother shit with bombardment cannons and thunderhawks and hope for the best.

In any case, SPAAAAACE general. I'll bump with useful BFG stuff in the meantime.

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sir, do this and I will be verrrrrrry greatful

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Battlefleet Gothic. With free rules, it's one of the most affordable GW games.

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In fact, the game is plenty playable with paper proxies, assuming you have correctly sized bases - about 25mm diameter for frigates and cruisers, and 50mm diameter for battleships.

If anything I find BFG the best of the Games Workshop games; it's not filled with over-preferential treatment of one given faction, updates are slow and measured, power creep is very minimal, the game encourages you to homebrew your own rules solutions, and it's playable at a very low cost.

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There are other paper proxy sheets floating around for BFG; all images are just pulled straight from the BFG Vassal module.

Note the scale isn't exactly consistent.

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How would /tg/ represent represent Research and Development in a Strategy Board Game? I'm developing a board game where nations are pitted against one another, something like Axis & Allies, in the game you construct buildings that allow your team to research new technologies/ advance the tech-tree.
Currently players must purchase RP (Research Points) which cost x amount of dollars (x to be determined later either cheap/medium/costly) Various technologies will cost different amounts of RP (between 1-6) and you can spend any amount of your hoarded RP on any technology or research you like. Basically RP represents a nations Research and Development Budget, players put money towards the budget and then invest the budget how they see fit.
Does this system work?

Do you have suggestions for a simpler/more complex/ different system? If so what?

Picture unrelated (will bump with more)

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For your proxying pleasure...

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The great thing about BFG is that GW has released the rules for free on the Specialist Games section of their website.

Playing with models is nice but they're not essential; if you've got friends who are interested but worry about the cost then the solution is simple, provide some paper tokens (ideally glue them to cardstock to make them sturdier), and then tape them to an appropriately sized base.

Cruisers and escorts are on 25mm diameter bases - the GW small flying bases are ideal, but in a pinch you can substitute regular 40k infantry bases. Battleships are 50mm diameter bases, which may be trickier, but if you've appropriately scaled your cardstock token then it should be no problem.

Torpedo and Ordnance markers are also in a printable .pdf on the Games Workshop site.

And here! Some printable ships to get you started!

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