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[XXX] Explain what Taisho Ryoga has done to make it worse.
[XX] Appreciate her dedication, but condemn her attitude.
[X] Ask her if she truly understands what she has done now.
[x] Tell her of your plan to help Japan survive this.
[x] Reveal that it is now your choice, at any time.
[+] You're on the side of the Japanese in this matter, and not the kami or the spirit-children only.

You study her and then decide she needs an even bigger dose of reality than she's already gotten. You can't send her back to Oba-san like this, Oba-san would do something drastic.

“That really isn't the worst part of all this, you know.” You take a few pieces of carp, both sashimi and salt-boiled, and lay them across the bed of rice and pickles she has. Himeyuri can't get any more pale, you don't think, her blood pressure is already way below normal, but she does take the hint. “You see, Oba-san forgets that there are other ambitious people, as dedicated and hard workign as she is. People like Taisho Ryoga, of the Hojo Group.” You have some more rice and sashimi, with a little wasabi and soy. “He is quite brilliant, relaly. It would have only worked with a Wood dragonette. Take some of her blood and tissue, use it as the basis for recombinant DNA sequencing with a dose of spiritual power, and you have the perfect growth medium for mixed-blood spirit-children.”

Himeyuri looks at you. “I am well aware of the attempts to make dual-blooded spirit children, Ryukusa-san.”

You look at her mildly. “What 'attempts'?”

She stares at you, an awful thought blooming in her mind as she considers the possibility that the sadistic Ryuu Yakumo could have been bribed or tricked or even invited to join the Hojo Group by the half-demon Ryoga.

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Stage 84: European Badassery vrs. Japanese Kickassery, Take One.

The party is over.

You sincerely hope Detective-san and his new friend Kenji Soomi have made good their escape, because if not then he's going to have a heaven of a time explaining why they shouldn't arrest the Gothic Lolita he's hanging around for a multitude of petty crimes, to say nothing of suffering an interrogation himself for being present as part of the Public Security Intelligence Agency. The Self Defense Forces and the police have descended in force on Araihama beach, where a clan of nogitsune-born spirit-children and a large group of Yakuza not allied with the two main Yakuza groups in the area have been having a nice beach party. That you were recuperating among them and your family was relatively safe among them was merely a benefit, one which it seems has caught the attention of your enemies.

On the plus side, you've got a lot of nogitsune-born and Yakuza paired off together, and you doubt the police and SD forces will really have much reason to hold too many people for too long. Chi-chan and Peta-chan are safely aware and are also planning on buying you time; she's had run-ins before, and you're quite certain she'll do fine. Especially with Peta-chan looking after her. You've sent Shoko-san to Ryutaku-ji, stronghold of Ame-no-Horobi-no-Mikado, placing Jinyuu-onee-sama and Er Yin-sensei in her care, making them safest of all.

Kiki-hime is being escorted by Akari-niji-chan, Kiku-chan, and Inau-kun; they're making good time, with the party-goers getting out of their way and closing ranks to the sides and behind them, a bulwark of honorable people to protect them, per Chisato's orders. Yui-niji-chan, Yuuhi-chan, and yourself are cloud-riding to greet them, but trouble has reared its ugly heads, and this time you're not sure how it will play out at all.

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The nogitsune-born and their companions (unless it's the other way around; you really need something to call the new group) are making it easy for your family to get through the crowds, using magic, threats and brute force in equal measures. You see the demon-child – a kitsune, but not entirely a kitsune. Her hair is blonde, for one thing, and her eyes are green. She has fox ears, but emerald-like horns that swoop in from behind her head. Strangest of all, she's carrying a metal shield as well as a straight sword....a European broadsword.

Fuck – she's one of Toshio Ryoga's experiments, and she closing in on Kiki-hime fast.

>To Be Continued....

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