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>Primeval Guardian is the Druid archetype you always wanted
>It's on Ranger

I just want to be a tree man

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But alas, it will be a one-shot, this much I can not change.

I do visit /x/ on occasion, although the /pol/ influence on /x/ makes it less entertaining these days. A pyschotropic monster that makes the players traverse some kind of etherial dimension though... hmmm, that is interesting concept. I might work with the Aura of Lassitude monster there and make some changes.

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>Make a Fighter/Barbarian gestalt Midboss for the PCs to fight
>Obliterates both melee PCs in a single round

I didn't mean it to be like this

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>Level 5 Fighter and Barbarian nova my CR10 boss in a single turn

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> 1990 was 50 years ago

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ease of access, made from a game almost everyone played, and also is notorious for broken and shitty home brews that allow people to play whatever they want.

i had a good friend tell me he liked BESM d20 (d20 in general) because you can roll for everything, but hated BESM's tri-stat because you roll for everything. i know it's not pathfinder related but it shows just the level of stupid their is in the community.

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>Sorcerers can't learn Find Familiar
>Wizards can't learn Quicken Magic
>No way to make your familiar both reappear next to an enemy and use a touch attack on the same turn
>You will never be a Stand user

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