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>Intro Taunt
>A fight? Count me in!
>I needed some practice!
>Oh, hiya!

>bare-knuckle boxing, with some kendo and ki stuff thrown in

>ki-boosted right hook
>ki-boosted head strike with bokken
>the punch barrage, you know the kind
>the joke special where I trip and fall onto the opponent while going for an uppercut, knocking them down hard

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So when he says "totally nonredeemable" in the intro, does that imply "mass murderer" or "waste of oxygen?"

Because I might have some bad news about their selection process.

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Hey, me with the Blue Dragon buddy again.

I just took him to Macross. I'm going to assume this is the part where I need to reassert dominance or get fried to death because his patience has finally run out.

I mean, unless the place actually got through to him. But what're the chances of that?

Gif unrelated.

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Progress report!

>Tempted to just go ahead and do Fairy Tail update now, make the start time earlier, and add a +0 Drawback to extend your stay until the end. Regular end time will probably come right after the Grand Magic Games arc, but don't quote me on that.

>Tempted to just go ahead and make a Battleborn jump already, since the Overwatch vs. Battleborn debate has already briefly happened here and I actually happen to own a copy of the latter.

>Bravely Default Jump will soon be getting more Asterisks, Items, and Drawbacks from Bravely Second.

>Everything else is progressing glacially, as usual.

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>implying my GM knows about Rance
>implying I'll ever tell my group about it
>implying he'd want to spend even a day on Golarion

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