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The night of her transformation, Master came for her.

In her dream, she floated through an endless field of stars, curled up in a ball of loneliness, but not alone. Y'golonac stood beside her always and forever, her rock, her pillar, her Master, because above all else He loved her. She feared Master, in those days, because she was a fool of a girl who had yet to learn her place in the world, still clinging to the shreds of masculinity that remained in her heart. And, to tell it true, Master took a form that had no beauty to it. A repulsive man, squat of face and rotund of body, who reeked of every bodily fluid imaginable; that was the humble form Master took, and that was the body that Master used to teach her the true meaning of love.

Yet for all that, even as a young and foolish girl, frightened and reluctant to receive her Master's love, her cunt could not help but weep in Master's presence. It was not the soft rolls of fat that she came to love being crushed by that set her off, nor the stench of dried piss, sweat and cum that would one day be her aphrodisiac, or even the squat, pug like face that lacked any distinctive feature beyond its ugliness. She could not help but stare at the thick rod of meat hanging between his legs, as wide as her forearm and just as long. The back of her mind wondering what it would be like, to let that thing penetrate her, and her loins frothed in anticipation.

She soon got her wish, whether she wanted it, or not.

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