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Fluffwise, you could have scars that don't go away. For instance, one of my characters has a horrid array of whip marks upon her back because of an Erinyes with a specially-crafted scourge to prevent magical healing.

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A fucking radical /tg/ drawfag, you shut your whore mouth. She used a halfling as her alternate form. Because she liked looking two feet up at human nobles, turning on her draconic presence, and watching them cringe and cower away from her.

Oh, they know full well they didn't. One of the party's best friends was her lieutenant. A tiefling who had been rescued by the party early on by accident, then wandered in and through sheer brazen chutzpah and how aghast it left the nobility, this escaped ex-slave managed to talk her way into serving as the dragon's Number One. Her status and service as the dragon's herald and magistrate horrified the rest of the nobility, insulted them, and somewhat softened the dragon's rule. She even managed to convince the dragon to ditch torture (albeit not spectacularly flash executions of those who say, stole from the red dragon) and as way of saying thanks to the PCs, hooked them up with some lucrative work from her boss.

They killed her in the final duel. Then the PC who wasn't present for the final duel, the CG wizard who'd been friends with Lieutenant and Dragon and been busy trying to neutral the dragon through friendship and enlightened self-interest shelled out to get Lieutenant resurrected.

Lieutenant then fucked off to find a way to raise her bestie, the dragon. Raising dragons is harder than raising regular mortals though, and she spent the next century or so frittering more and more of everything she ever cared about away in pursuit of her singular overriding goal.

She had a hard life.

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Can I get pick related, but looking (relatively) sixty-ish?

She might have been kinda cute once, but no more. Aged and withered, and terribly scarred. Cold, like there isn't an ounce of emotion left in her. Smaller horns, no tail. One or two elements of her once-courtly finery remain, but it's faded and tattered, been replaced in harder times, with more practical goals. Give her a staff. Maybe an eyepatch, if some of the scarring reached an eye.

She's a powerful sorceress who's spend decades and sold 75% of what she's ever cared about away in pursuit of a single overriding goal; it wasn't necessarily a bad goal, but it's not an easy one, and the costs along the way keep racking up.

A necromancy theme might be appropriate too, but subtle, please.

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Why is she wearing a bear trap around her neck?

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Now, early on, the PCs had rescued a pair of tieflings from a return to slavery. On one hand, the older brother struck mute by brain damage. The other, the younger sister, a up-and-coming self-taught sorceress, with a bit of magic, a lot of chutzpah, and a habit for deceit. The PCs saved them first, then a bit later, while the PCs were on their way to do something else, they ran into the pair again and the pair managed to do them a minor good turn, ordering their ship to pick up the PCs who were very interested in crossing a river.

The PCs overheard that she'd (since her brother was mute,) convinced the ship to give them free passage, as *dragonslayers*, heading off to fight the evil dragon. Some of the PCs were impressed. The more canny ones probably figured it was a good lie. None of them quite grasped the magnitude of the lie.

They parted ways, but what she effectively did offscreen was travel to the dragon's city, bluff, flatter, and intimidate her way into a meeting with the dragon... and then, essentially, impress the dragon.

That was kind of a big deal. The dragon, after all, wasn't exactly a sociopath, but was a dragon. She hadn't been very impressed with any of the humanoids she'd dealt with; most cowered and cringed (she liked that), some fought her and lost (she liked that less, but respected it more,) and none of them really caught her attention.

This little tiefling of questionable morals and only moderate magic managed to impress her. Tiefling wasn't disrespectful, but didn't fear the dragon- which amused the dragon, convinced her to humor this little upstart.

When the PCs finally arrived in this city again, the tiefling was the dragon's magistrate/herald/minister, strong, velvet-gloved left hand. (The dragon's right hand, obviously, was "I'm a dragon.") This had the added benefit, (from the dragon's- both of their PoVs, actually,) of making the city's surviving nobility and upper class squirm at taking orders from some ex-slave.

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Variety is best. So both.

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Well I guess I'll just toss out all drow, orcs, goblins, demons, devils, daemons, hobgoblins, kobolds, saughin, gnolls, and duregar then.

Oh, and undead, vampires, and evil dragons.

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>their friend the herald
The actual dinner involved a few meetings, then weeaboo insulting the dragon, and the dragon promptly breaking the weeaboo's Father's Sword, and removing his fingers from his right hand.
(Pro tip: Don't insult a dragon to her face. And never, ever, when begging for your life, tell a dragon, "You can't kill me!".)

Despite the unpleasant mess that was partially made of it, their friend the Herald still managed to pull things through, keep her boss happy and pass on an employment opportunity. The actual work she threw their way was essentially "I need macguffin, you guys go and get it", but bankrolled by her boss as a favor to her. Of course, 'this thing' was a powerful magical artifact, and the PCs were awful leery of actually giving that to the dragon. (which is what they viewed the job as.)

>here I shamelessly crib some in-setting history and artifacts off of the Shadow of Death campaigns of HoM&M3; they're essentially after the Elixir of Life.

As reward, they're offered a boon and one of the PCs (in exchange for swearing an oath of fealty with his fingers crossed,) receives an ancestral holding that had passed out of his family some time ago, a little fort on the dragon's lands.

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