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Oh fuck, lil' Alex is going to get turned inside-out next page.

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>PC with magnificent golden/amber hair
>mfw he inadvertently forms a Pride because lion-girls associate lustrous locks with virility

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Boltguns no AP????

.75 caliber, mass-reactive shells...

Orks will get their 5+ / 6+ squig hide armour saves against them

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>That pic


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>I can't wait for this game to collapse, for logs to get leaked, and for the salt to spill everywhere.

I'm beginning to think applying for that game because grimdark is fun was a bad idea.

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>mfw I'm actually tempted to take the Additional Traits feat

Help, I don't want to bite this bullet but I will if I must.

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I thought you told us Elsbeth doesn't like to get drunk.

Yet now all we see her doing is drink. Elsbeth needs help, she needs rehab.

Or maybe a boyfriend.

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>Adamantine Weapons ignore hardness lower than 19
>All steel items have 10 hardness
>Adamantine can effortlessly cut through a shield
>It can't, however, cut through that shield when it's being held by someone


Is there a feat for cutting through armor and then transferring the bonus damage (assuming it gets sundered under the rolled total) to the person wearing the armor?

Oh wait, shouldn't that be *normal attacks while wielding an Adamantine sword?*

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Friend, what if you went for a Paladin/Rogue or Oracle/Rogue.

An Oracle/Paladin of Lymnieris, the Goddess of Virginity, Prostitution and Rites of Passage.

She was little more than a harlot with a heart of gold, a large-love (and large-chested) woman that sold her body to make sure the orphans she knew didn't have to, and after one particularly rough night she gets visited by a talking cat that tells her of her greater purpose in the world (if Chosen One Paladin), or if she's Oracle a prophetic vision while laying in bed that causes her to speak in tongues during sex and combat (or some other Curse, you can get fancy with that fluff!)

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Son, if your woman's "donut" is gaping like that guy's hair, than she's been cheating on you with a half-orc... Or horse.

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>Silvia is Matt

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>If addicted, the user also gains a +1d4 alchemical bonus to Strength for as long as he is addicted Damage 1d2 Con damage

>mfw I could have a character juicing up for +4 strength at a mere -1 to Con

Do you think the average DM would let you start off the campaign addicted to this stuff?

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>If addicted, the user also gains a +1d4 alchemical bonus to Strength for as long as he is addicted Damage 1d2 Con damage

Nigga are you saying I could have a character constantly juicing up until he's got a +4 bonus to Strength and a -1 penalty to Con?

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>Legion of lovers
>Literally an insatiable fuck-tree living in a land where any man could be equipped with all sorts of exotic packaging

Jesus Christ.

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>Two nat 10s


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>mfw all these hunks

I don't have a chance, do I?

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Oh my god, I've been there anon, I feel your struggle.

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>ready to bite the bullet for that sweet Deflection bonus from fighting unarmored
>mfw I remember I can craft Bracers of Armor

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Is... Is this Fennec's perverted form?

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Rolled 38 (1d100)


>mfw our enemies are friends

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Anon why are you so angry.

That man is enjoying himself in a hobby you clearly have no interest in joining or associating with.

Why does that mean you have to hope he gets a horrible STD and have his pleasures burn down around him.

This isn't pleasant. This isn't being excellent. You're being mean.

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>The power conceit is meant to shift away from magic being all-powerful to technology being the big thing, with magic being a supplementary to that. Because of this, a well equipped soldier should be able to consistently solo a higher level barbarian, for instance. Thankfully, this likely means a complete overhaul of the guns and armor rules.
>Warp travel is done by going between the planes and pulling energy in from them. this is actually pretty dangerous, as pulling in said energy might pull in something more solid, basically making warp travel in Starfinder like warp travel in 40k, just with an equal chance of really pissed off angels as there are of daemons

Are you telling me I could play a Navigator.

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