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>there were still people thinking that manlet marines would be supported going forward

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...Yeah. I know.

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>tfw my nail-beds are abnormally far forward so mine look like that after like 3 days.

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>what can I do
Stop posting and kill yourself.
Just a suggestion.

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Nothing, it seems. For now, he has yet to pass the level of money owed where they just call in the army to drive a tank over your shit. Presumably 1 million dollars is less than the amount they'd have to pay lawyers to defend themselves against fallout from arresting his whole clan at gunpoint.

(also man, spooky timing, the 1-year anniversary of that whole debacle was today)

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There really is no point with you trips is there? Your asking for articles and shit is a load of nonsense so you can seem "objective" even though you've made your mind a long time ago.

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This thread, while indeed shitposting, actually provides a topic of conversation relevant to tabletop role play gaming.

Calm down, sperglord.

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I'm playing a 2eD&D game where my cousin is GM. His girlfriend is a player.
Luckily, he's not a beta and she's a total nerd. This results in him pulling no punches concerning her character. She's nearly died twice due to her own bad luck, and the only problem we've had is her unwillingness to take initiative with her character or properly prepare spells. She's been noticeably improving at the game over time.

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"Let's you and him roleplay, we'll fight when needed."

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Because noblebright implies the main characters have plot armor for dramatic convenience. Most games should have reasonable chances of PC failure and even death.
If your players think they're in a Saturday morning cartoon, they'll start to become arrogant and assume that none of their actions will have significant negative consequences for themselves or the world around them.

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>Group starts a million different campaigns due to some person or other (or most of them) not being able to make it
>Run out of ideas for good characters long ago
>Now I just pick a class I haven't played in a while, get a name from the internet and look up a guide to get feats/spells/etc
>Prepare myself for another one-shot roleplaying-less combat only adventure to hold me over until the entire group can get it's shit together at once

I kinda feel bad for not having a decent character ready but every other time we meet it's roll up a new character guys

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You know, you are supposed to use your common sense and not be a slave to the rulebook. It's right there in the original booklets. Hell, it even predates the OD&D rulebooks. In Chainmail it reads: "Follow the spirit rather than the letter."

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Can we capture one?

otherwise 1 generally.
beating them down won't do us anything. How will they be contained? etc...

at best SHIELD is gonna drop in and we all get fucked

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Humans spread a bit in the galaxy, countries still exist, and some control both their old territories on Earth and whole planets. That resolved some (old) disputes quickly, when instead of bitching for land you could just throw a spaceship anywhere and claim whatever it landed on. Spacefaring countries have mostly grown a bit tame, wiser and mellower, bit more accepting, that kind of stuff. Obviously, this didn't work well in the poorest countries, still very busy trying to exterminate each other on Earth, which aliens find horrifying.

There's nothing special going on for humans, all countries put together would make them an above-average coalition compared to their alien neighbours, but that rarely happens.

In the old tradition of "Aliens made humans or something", there are oldass ruins on the Moon, so humans are forbidden from colonizing or terraforming it, but they can put scientific stations there.

They also can not go to Alpha Centauri but never were told why. The first interstellar ship was intercepted by the friendly neighbourhood huge alien cliché empire, and sent back to Earth. A few other attempts had the same results.

Not going to go over all of it, but basically I wanted it to be "You have spaceship. Where do you go, what do you do?" sort of thing, with a somewhat Star Trek feel, ie, one session, one planet, one short story stuff, with a slow overarching plot mostly made of the world reacting to the PCs' actions.

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But Spiderman has actual superpowers. Daredevil and Punisher don't.
Spiderman could crush both of them to a little hand sized bloody ball of gore with just one hand if he wanted.

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Yes, because /tg/ is such an overpopulated board.

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Well I learned 2e in basic, and I found 3.5e very familiar, so I don't know what to tell you.

When confronted with 4e, however. Now that was a "what in the actual fuck" moment.

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> The Nazis were actually the good goys, most of the anti-semitism stuff was added later by revisionists. They employed millions of people through the army, the factories, the infrastructure build up, etc.
> The Communists were actually the good guys, most of the pogroms stuff was added later by evil capitalists. They employed millions of people through erh... through their whole industry actually.

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Then why is it called Dungeons & Dragons?

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>bumping this shit tier post

So, basically one guy in your table rolled a 20 and killed a monster. Ok.

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Wow, /tg/ is really buttravaged about Minecraft

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>people on /tg/ still struggling with that tingly feeling inside they experience when around a remotely attractive woman who treats them nicely

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what happens when that y on her head opens up?

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