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"Your father, you mean-"

The gears in my mind turn. Much more slowly than they usually do.

"Masami, shh, you'll wake yourself up."

Oh right, this is a dream and all. I'm not actually floating through space on a magic bed.

"The chairman? Why?! He's probably scared of me, or completely hates me!"
"It's true, I'm sure he has some animosity toward you."

"He's eating through a straw because of me."

"-Granted, but at the same time: he hates Asai more than he hates you."
"Do you know that for a fact?"

"Well, I mean- he has to. Asai is the reason he's like that at the end of the day; not you."

".. I don't believe that's true for a second."

"In any case." Kaori sits upright, "It might be a good idea to at least ask him. He knows far more about Asai than we do, and he knows why he split him up in the first place."

"That seems like we could give it a try." I think about it for a second, "Where do we start?"
"Right now." Kaori places her hand on my shoulder, "We'll have to go right now, before Mom wakes up."

"Mom wakes up? But- I thought she was on lookout."
"Let's be honest, Masami." She smiles, "Mom doesn't have the willpower to stay up all night. She drank a glass of milk and fell asleep in the chair near her bed."

Oh no! Mom isn't reliable at all!

"So, what do you say? We go get him, and ask him his opinion."

"But how do we make him talk to me?"
"We don't, he talks to me instead." Kaori's smile lessens in intensity.

>Oh no, I don't trust him that much either.
>Can't we just call him?
>Okay, let's go
>No, let's wake up and see who we can find to go with us.
>Let's just stay asleep and if we need his help, we'll find it.

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This seems.
Too easy.

I'm not sure how else to describe it.

Asai, after much insistence that he doesn't have or want to rejoin with his former self; suddenly has a card which would make it all better?

I'm suspicious of that card.
"Okay." I cross my arms. "Give it here, then."


"You don't trust your other half to handle it, right? I'll handle it for you, then."

"Hmm." Asai strokes his chin, "I'm not sure I trust you with this, either."
"Then who would you trust? You already said yourself that you couldn't do it. Want to be stuck in this box forever?"

Asai gives me that look, that maniac smile.
"Oh I am so proud of you. Already intimidating people into getting your way. My little girl has grown up so-"
"Stop, please. The card. Before I change my mind." I pout.

He reluctantly hands the card over, and I examine the outside of it closely.

It appears to be a reconstruction of something. On the outside there are gold emblems which are mirrored on both sides. In the middle is a figure, clad in blue.
Lots of little sparkles and gems are drawn along the inset.

Huh, this card is mended back together with something. Did someone try to rip it up at some point?

"Okay, now what?"
"Let me get ready, and we can give this a try." Asai drop his smile.
But.. it's almost like he's trying to strain his smile back. His grin would be shining through if it weren't for his lip muscles right now.

Strange, why do I get the feeling that this was a little too easy, too?

>I still don't trust him, have Mom invesigate the card
>Investigate the card yourself
>Oh whatever, if it's evil then he'll just be locked in here a while longer
>Give it to the monster
>Let the clown see it, maybe she's seen this card before?
>Use a card

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Concentrating on the monster, I can feel its being slowly being pulled in. Slowly, it starts to shrink. It falls to one leg, and then tries to actively resist being pulled in.

It's not able to. There's a popping in my ears as the last part of the monster in the real world is flushed into the other world.
I bend over and awkwardly pick the card up from the asphalt. It's.. grown, quite a bit. It's huge and unwieldy, now! It takes both hands just to drag it along the concrete.
I did it, right?
Uh oh, are those policemen coming in my direction?

>This is too big, try to shrink the card down and make a break for it!
>Pretend you don't know what's going on!
>Stay calm.. They just want to talk!

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He's trying to use tricks to see us?
I think I have an answer to that!

Quickly, I put on the invisibility card.
Then, I pridefully stride forward!

That's when I feel a hit right across my back, oof.
I drop invisibility just as Julie catches me.
"What was that!?"
"I don't know! It can somehow see you still!"

That's when I remember a little detail, everyone here is trapped in the 'other' world. It might be able to see me from the real world.
Concentrating, I slip into the real world.

- -

Here, everything is broadly lit. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but it's comforting to be able to see the whole room.
Searching around, I don't see the monster anywhere. Maybe he's able to hide in plain sight, as well?

I take a few steps forward and-
Something hits me from behind again!
I spin around to see what just hit me, but I'm met with another hit from behind!
Don't tell me, he can see me in the real-world too?!

And what's worse, I'm completely alone here! I can't fall back to the group!

I drop to one knee as another hit comes from behind once more. I spring back up and frantically search around for the source of the assault.
I'm really feeling worried right now.

"(Masami.)" I hear a faint whisper in my ear.
I turn my head to see who it is, but don't see anyone.
Just then, something rushes straight past me.

"(It's in both worlds at once. It picks and chooses which world it can see you from.)"
That must be Kaori, that means she found how this thing works?

>Try attacking it.
>Try putting up a trap for it to attack
>Return to the group, form a plan
>Use a card

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I'm feeling confident, but I'm not feeling THAT confident. This building is Asai's domain. It would be really silly to try and fight him here.
I'll just backtrack and maybe I can find another way to approach this situation.

I slowly creep backwards out of the door. Then I shut it gently as I turn around.


The stairs.
They're different.

The stairway I just came down now no longer lead up. Instead, they lead further down into the inky blackness.
Oh no. Now I'm completely lost!
Is Asai doing this? But he's in the other room, and I don't remember him saying anything about remodeling.

I sigh before continuing down the stairwell.

After all, that's why I'm here, right? I'm here to protect my family, that includes all of it. Asai and his stupid building can go straight to-

There's another door.
I know where this is going.

What do I do?

>Go through the door.
>The stairways again, at least I'm still on the move.
>Back to the first door. Dealing with Asai might be easier than dealing with whatever is behind here.

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Our group immediately sets out through the house. We narrow down where the box could be hidden to only a few places thanks to Kaori.

Splitting into groups of two, we comb through the house searching all the typical places someone would hide something. The principal searches the bedroom, Aiko and Maeda search the attic with some prodding, Ken'ichi searches the inside of his eyelids, and Ryouta and Kaori search the study.

I search the only place where I can't take anyone, the other side.


This place is a wreck.
Normally, this side is always so clean and serene, mostly because it's like no one ever goes here or uses it .

Not this time, it's a complete disaster now. It really does look like a hundred monsters stormed through and ransacked the place.

Inside of his bedroom, the bed itself seems to have been flipped upside-down. There seems to be a panel on the wall that was punched out when all the chaos occurred. I can see it on this side, but I can't seem to touch it. It's like it's placed specifically where things on this side can't get to it.


Materializing back in the real world causes the Principal to jump and reach for his sword again. He quickly realizes who it is and breathes a sigh of relief.

I point out where the hidden compartment seems to be, and he makes short work taking it apart.
Inside of the compartment, is a small oaken chest. It seems to be empty on the inside, but it has a small inset for a gem when I open it.

"Found it!" I happily jump into the main room.

Kaori is talking with Emillion about his transformation. If he wants to go to school or not. It's a weird subject, but I won't judge.

"Kaori! Look!"
"That's it! Put the gem in, quick."

I put the ring inside of the box and close it.
Nothing happens.

"You two do know how to use that, right? You didn't come all the way over here for something you don't even know how to handle." Emillion stretches his arms.

We look at one another, and then back at the box.

>Thread End

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"We.. We could use it as an excuse to get out of class!"
The unamused look Kaori has on her face says it all.

"M-maybe we could use it as the naptime club?"
"That would be fine, but that's all it's good for. A club has to have a purpose, you know."

Um, Oh I know!

"How about we rename the club to the Kaori Appreciation club! Everyone would like tha-"
Wow, that is a serious pout.

"I think that sounds lovely!"
"Mom! No! Just no!" Kaori puffs her cheeks out. "We can use it for naps and to get out of class, anything but that!"

Hmph. I really liked that idea too.
"So, maybe we can draft cards there? You can still make blank cards, right?"
"I.. haven't forgot if that's what you're asking."
"Great! Then we can use it for that! No one will ask what we're doing because it's supposed to be a spooky club to begin with."
"W-well, I don't know about that."
"Then it's settled!"

I jump up and grab her into a hug, she desperately tries to struggle from my grasp.

"Umm, Sis. Are you really okay with me joining your club?"

We walk slowly to the school, there isn't really any rush on a day like today.
"I'm fine with it, it's just I need to clean out the room so it looks like people use it. So you and hopefully Ryouta are going to help with that."

Hey! I don't remember volunteering to do this!

"I should call him, as far as I know he's spending today sleeping instead of studying."
Kaori puts the phone to her ear, waits several seconds, before staring at the screen.
"Huh, Let me try Maeda."

Again, same thing.

"Um." Kaori fumbles with the phone some, "Aiko?"
She places the phone to her ear, before her face turns to worry.

"..Masami, please try dialing someone."
I pick out my phone and try Aiko, Maeda, Ryouta, even Ken'ichi.

That's a bad sign. We just approached the school campus, and it seems to have an air of uncertainty about it.

>I'm probably being paranoid.
>Time to be sneaky!
>C-call an adult.
>Go in guns blazing!

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First place to check is the CEO's office. If there's going to be a big important meeting, that's the first place that I can think of that it would take place here.

Where else would creepy villains want to meet the heroine at? Ooh! The rooftop! I should check there next!

This entire floor seems to be in an uproar. Monsters pace back and forth. I even catch a glimpse of the one who escorted me here ducking into a room.

Fortunately they're all much larger than I am, so I'm able to duck between them on the way. Still, it's worrying how many of them there are. I'm thinking less and less that this is a meeting and more like an ambush.

I approach the CEO's office doors, just to notice that they appear to be closed.
Also, curiously, I think I hear voices inside. It's still eight or so minutes before Kaori is supposed to arrive, so who would that be?

I put my ear to the door and listen and silently as I can manage with

"No no... away.. gone.."

I don't recognize either of those voices. Neither of them sound like Dad.
One of them could have been the Chairman. I've never really heard him speak all that much.

So this room is a definite "Maybe".

Quickly, I turn around and make my way to the roof. The hallways start to clear little by little as I continue. It's only a few minutes until Kaori arrives, so they must be trying to hide all the monsters before she does.

Grasping the handle of the rooftop door, I immediately faceplant right into the cold steel.
Outside, I do hear the sounds of footsteps on the gravely roof.
I'm running out of time, and there's only a few minutes left before Kaori gets here. Where should I try to go next?

>back to the CEO office, try to sneak or break in
>It's just a little door! Break the door to the roof down.
>The labs, I haven't checked there yet
>If I hurry, I can get down to the first floor and watch Kaori as she enters the building.

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"WELL TOUGH!" I pout, "I'm getting in anyway whether they like it or not!"

But.. speaking of which,
"So, How do I get in!?"

The monster stops and thinks about my question for a second. He patiently scans the outside of the building and the surrounding lot for any fine details.

"There's the roof, for one. But that's guarded, The front door is also swarming with guards, and if we wait here long enough they will come find us. But there is one place that I doubt they've considered."

He turns around and walks a few paces, stopping in front of a metal hole drilled in the concrete.
"Fortune, as a building, is dynamic. Asai can open and close as many entrances to it as he desires. But there are still a few ways in that he cannot close off or notice we've entered. From below the building is one of those places."

He harshly grabs the manhole cover and yanks it open. The smell immediately hits me like a solid wall.
On the other hand, he seems almost completely unaffected. It makes me wonder if he even has a sense of smell.

"Err, is this the only way?"
"It's the only way I know of right now. Once we're near the building we can both swap over to the magical realm. The building's basement is a part of it there, so we should be able to walk right in."

"T-that's nice and all, but how long would I have to walk in a sewer before we got there?"

He thinks about my question, but answers like it's no big deal.
"About 100 meters."

"Pries-Masami, are you okay? You suddenly seem to be sweating."

Yes... Yes I am.

>Thread End.

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"No thanks, in fact, you can just eat that card now. I never agreed to helping you and I don't think I'll start now"
"mm. That's too bad" He says, licking his lips.

He picks up the card, puts it in some kind of tube, and puts the tube inside of a hole in his desk. The sound of vacuum suction absorbs the tube and he sits back in his chair, silently.
"...What did you just do?"
"Oh. I sent that card along to R&D with a notice that it needs some. Um."
He leans forward, gazing into my eyes.
"'Manual Drafting'"

"Manual.. Drafting."
"Yes, drafting without the use of a draftsman. This card won't be ready for quite some time, but there's another I prepared earlier that I can demonstrate for you."

Wait, is he going to-
He taps a few buttons on his desk.
Suddenly, the tumbler lock on the door behind me snaps shut!
The lights dim, and an image is projected on the wall behind him.
"Fortunately, there happen to be some volunteers in the building."


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We take some subway stops, which take us only a half-hour or so. The place only seems to be a lot farther away than it actually is.

We step out of the subway, walk down several crowded streets. The crowd starts to thin as we approach Fortune's HQ.

This is when we notice something.
Fortune's parking lot is empty.
I can see Mom's car off near the front, but there are only a couple of vehicles parked around the lot.
Usually, or at least the day I was here, it was completely full. Lots of cars and vehicles filled almost every spot.

Something weird is going on.

Furthermore, judging by everyone else's faces, I can already feel that we're being watched.

>Roll 1d20

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Maeda finally speaks up, "Masami, I didn't want to say anything about it. Um."
"We looked at your records!" Aiko squeaks in a very girly, embarrassed voice.

"You two...What?"
"We looked at your records when you first transferred in, and, um."
"Wait, how did you even do something like that?" I thought records were supposed to be confidential.
"We, have friends. And they, um."

Now that I think about it, if Mom were the one that submitted my private records then I'm not sure I ever verified my complete story with her.

"Hold on, do you two inspect the records of every student that transfers in?"
"No. It was just that. Um." Aiko, you're terrible at this.

Maeda picks up for her, "It was just yours, our friend told us to. That it looked kind of suspicious for some reason."
Aiko tries to defend herself, "I didn't think it was any of my business, but what that monster was saying before."

What about 'what he was saying before'.

"It.. kind of made sense."


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"Okay, that's fine." I say, I don't want to seem rude to the person who says she'll be reading my fortune, anyway.

She lays out the last of the few cards on the table, and asks me to pick one. I pick a single card and flip it over. It's an eight of spades.

A few more cards that I don't understand are shuffled around.
"You're currently feeling as if you lack direction, like you don't have much of a future to look forward to." She flips around a few more cards.
"That's strange, it's almost as if you don't have much of a past to look back on, either."

Ah heh heh Yeah. Maybe. I'm not really sure about that.

She asks me to flip another card, I reach over to the one in the middle and flip it upright. The six of hearts.

Her hand moves to another card, and puts this card on top of it.

"You may not realize it yet, but your future, your childhood is being pulled in two separate directions by your own family."

She shuffles another card, placing the queen of hearts face-up, and putting this card on top of it.
"One direction, the side of your family that you are closest with, has you following the wishes of your childhood."
She flips upward another card, the King of clubs.
"The other side of your family, is far more forceful of the situation, and he feels he has every right to be, flip a card."

I flip the one next to the card I just flipped, the seven of spades.

"He feels he has been completely wronged by you, that you are shirking some kind of responsibility that he feels you owe him."

That's worrying, though not entirely unexpected.


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"No no! It's fine! One of the students at school-"
Wait, I didn't want to bring magic into this just yet. I need to introduce this in babysteps!

"..One of the students at school got rid of it for me! So it's all okay. It's fine, really. It's fine."
Whew, that was a close one.

Her face relaxes a bit, but I can still see a significant frown on her.
"He didn't hurt you, did he?!" She asks in a girly, squeaky voice that I've never heard her use before.

Maeda actually looks up from her food, Aiko is looking increasingly worried.

"No! No! I'm fine! He was a really polite guy! Honest!"

A really polite, metallic monster that tried to kidnap me.
I'll leave that last part out for the moment.

"And besides, that guy came and got rid of him for me, his name was Ken, um, Ken.." Of all the times to forget someone's name.

Maeda notices me stumbling, "Kurota Ken'ichi, It's kind of rare that he's actually helpful to anyone. Or that anyone sees him outside of the few places he hides in school away from the staff."

"Yeah! See! A fine, upstanding protector of Tokanatti Junior High."

Maeda wasn't quite finished with her train of thought, "He's like a rat, a lousy no goo-" she trails off as she takes another sip of tea.

Mom simply looks overwhelmed at this point, her hands are kneading and folding her napkin. She quietly asks something.

"Do you know what it want-... well"
She stops herself mid-sentence, for some reason. Trailing off into a mumble.

She perks up a little and asks another question, "Wait, how did that boy get rid of it? Is it going to bother us ever again?"

>Tell her about Magic
>Let someone else do it
>Tell her what it wanted
>Don't say anything and hope someone else picks up the slack

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I grab the deck at about halfway, and lift the cards on top off.

"There's a kind of, side effect, with my ability. When I first met Maeda and Ryouta, I didn't really understand what was so special about it. Once I found out why it was important, I helped them track down where they were coming from, using this ability."

She reaches onto the top of the deck, and pulls a card off, showing it to me. The three of diamonds.

Her hand turns the card and looks at it, and gulps suddenly. What is that supposed to mean?

She takes the deck from me and shuffles the card back in.

"It's the closest we have ever come to finding out what their purpose is. We looked up some information some time ago about their mission statement from leaked documents about their business. Apparently, they promised to deliver great and mysterious things to their shareholders at one point." She puts the deck back in its box.


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"I guess so?" I say, I really don't know why this is my decision to begin with.
"Great! I think I have some questions, too." She says

Why does everyone have questions all of the sudden? Where are we going?


Some walking takes us to a large, vacant portion of the school. Some tennis and other outdoor sport courts line the area. Forming a perimeter around a large brick building. Some of the air conditioners for the building click to life as we approach.

"No classes have PE on the first day, so these courts are completely vacant." Ryouta says.
Aiko continues, "The courts on this side are usually for clubs, and most of the club captains are busy at this time trying to write flyers and recruit members. So we have the place to ourselves!"

That's great but, I've never played sports in my life (I think) so why is this important to me?

"The racquetball courts are usually cool this time of the day, we should discuss things there." Ryouta finishes.

Discuss what? What is there to discuss?


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She continues, "There's some pieces missing."
Ryouta looks over them again, "Are you sure? Maybe we didn't find some"
"I think we looked almost everywhere" I say, which is true, almost every inch of the theatre has been glanced at by this point.
"...Could they be in the vents? The grates were open after all."
She looks over the pieces once more, "No, well, probably not. It's not like the vents are large enough for a person to crawl into."
"So, what's missing?"

She starts counting over some of the present pieces, and then rearranges some of it to make a few suits of prop-armor, a couple shields, and and cloth clothing.

"There is a play that is sometimes done here by the professionals called 'King Lear', have you heard of it?"
"I can't say I have."
I hear Ryouta chuckle, "You really should next time it happens, I'm not much for plays but the actors that come by really breathe life into what is otherwise a glorified costume show." Aiko emits a low sigh.

She continues, "In the play, there's a duel between two characters that are both wearing suits of armor, but-"
She stops for a minute, and continues, "This is going to sound crazy, but one of the sets of armor is missing."

Set of armor? Where have I heard this before?

"It's not even the entire suit, just some bits and pieces of it remain." She points to some parts sprawled on the ground like pauldrons and shinguards.
"I almost think they only took the metal parts of the suit and just left the plastic parts here."
"Humph. Probably the delinquents trying to sell it for scrap. " Detective Ryouta concludes.

>What do I say to this?

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Nothing feels real anymore, I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm not one to lucid dream, maybe this is a mistake?

There's a young girl standing in what seems to be a completely deserted landscape. It's dark, cold, and unwelcoming. The atmosphere feels tense, and she is very clearly upset with something. She's wearing a very strange outfit; a dark colored dress laced with some equally colored accessories. Standing beside her are people who all seem to be older than she is. Or rather things that appear to be people; some of them barely appear to be human. All of them are taller than she is, and look far more menacing than she could ever be. One man has his hand on her shoulder. He looks the most upset of every person standing there, even if he is very good at hiding it. Is he her father?

On the other side of a great chasm, stand several other figures in the dark fog. These are most definitely humans, all of them about her age. Some of them are wearing outfits, some of them just have their school uniforms on. They seem to glow brilliantly in the night air. I can't see their faces, and their backs are turned to me. They seem to be much more calm here. Like they're completely content with what is happening.

Slowly, the people on the girl's side turn around. One by one they walk away into the shadows. Her father kneels down and says something to her, before being the last one to turn and leave. She's by herself now, slowly she tries to follow her father, slowly she starts fading out of view.

That girl, I wonder what she was so sad about?


My head lulls around some, eyes open lazily. Several rays of light hit my eyes just right as to force them open.

I'm just in time to notice that Mom is gone. I can hear the sound of clattering coming from the kitchen.

Maybe I should just lay here a few more minutes. What could the harm be.

>Stay in bed
>No wake up lazyface
>You should at least check the clock to make sure you won't be late

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She looks lost in thought, "Much of the cards is a mystery, simply no one knows where they came from or what purpose they once served". She continues, "What I know about him comes from legend and myth. That the man who made them was very talented in his craft, likely the most talented who had ever lived. He lived in a nation that was wracked by turmoil, hunger, disease, poverty. The cards represent his life's work, an attempt to defeat every problem that faced his nation. When he died, he had no one left to gift them to who could actually use them. People didn't think anything of them aside from ornate playing cards. They became collectors items, decorations, furnishings, it wasn't until many years later when someone found out their true purpose."

Thanks for the fairy tales, lady, but that still doesn't explain how they work.

"Did you just make that all up?" I refuse to believe that she's somehow an expert on these things when she may not even know how they work.

Her face blushes slightly, "...Maybe some of it? I really don't know the underlying theory behind them. Just that they've been the closest friends I've ever remember having. We've come to make artificial versions of the cards, like this one, but never close enough to making one that anyone can simply use"

So she doesn't really know anything either.

She grabs the card off the clip and offers to hand it to me. "Here, you can have this one if you want." She rotates it so I can see that the other side is completely blank. "You can keep it as a memoire, after today you're going to go home and live the normal life that I couldn't-" she cuts herself off, and then continues;

"..the kind of normal life I would want to give my child."

First decide:
>Take the card
>Leave the card

And then:
>Great, can we go home now?
>You didn't let me meet this other boss, can we go see him?
>(Other, any other place you would want to go?)

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The ceiling is dark, the metal post I grabbed on to is connected to the top of one of the florescent lights. I can't really do a pull-up using it, but if I can swing my leg around, I could hook my heel around another post that's in the ceiling and hoist myself on top of the lights. I think they can support my weight.

I can feel my arms straining, my fingers are swelling, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. My leg strains heavily, dragging myself along into the ceiling.

Here is where I suddenly realized the flaw in my plan. From this light, which is firmly connected to a beam right above me, I can't see anywhere else to go. There's another light I could jump to, but that only leads to the other room over. And I really, really don't want to fall from this distance. Maybe if I could-

A click suddenly sounds from below. The sound of air rushing out of the room sounds from the now-misplaced ceiling tile. Someone just opened the door and is coming in.


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