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Wow, cultural appropriation. Problematic.

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"Oh, are you here to pay tribute to the Kaiser? I'm sure he has the time to meet some barbarians, do you mind waiting? You can stand over there with the Turks."

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Seconded. Laws exist for a reason, and even in the HRE peasants could sue nobles, so you can be damned sure that the King could punish corrupt nobility.

In this scenario, the King is probably just looking for an excuse to solidify his personal control over the country, which makes him an asshole, though not necessarily the "bad guy" since the other nobles were also dicks.

If, however, the kingdom was so fraught with corruption that this was really the only way he could see to bring even a semblance of order back to the country, then he could be viewed as a necessarily harsh and brutal but well-meaning ruler, particularly if he were to reform the laws afterwards to prevent this from happening again, and disband his secret police--or at least install guidelines so that they cannot be easily abused.

So basically, he's either Joseph Stalin or (Book) Stannis Baratheon.

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Go back to Venezuela, commie. The reason light bulbs burn out while ancient handmade ones don't is that they burn at many times the candlepower, are thinner, radiate less heat, and provide less of a fire hazard if they are broken by accident. Go look at some of the centennial bulbs, they have gigantic filiments in them that are red hot, yet they give off pathetic light. They never gave off good light--at the most it was a tenth of modern bulbs and now it's barely enough to justify continued use. This is to say nothing of the fact that LED lights with 25x the lifespan of bulbs have existed for years and haven't taken off.

Planned obsolescence does exist--but in competitive markets it exists because back when they built things to last, people STILL got new ones every few years. Overbuilding non-military hardware is a waste of development space and money.

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>He doubts the bitch-magnet power of the leopard seal

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Jim--may I call you Jim? My name is also Jim. I am proud of you. I will buy one of your books--which one would you recommend?

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You are Ranveig, an oppressed genderfluid demisexual womyn of transcolour. Your favored pronouns or Zir/Zim. You have been captured and brutally PIV raped by the villainous Paleonazi Rabbit-Supremacist White Blue-eyed Ableist Tory voter, Rade "The Bitch Bonker of Bavaria" Sark.

You sit in his luxurious cabin, dreading the return of your villainous oppressor as the oppressive neo-nazi leopard seal he acquired for you commits repeated microagressions against you by bringing you a ball to toss for it. You bravely fight back against its problematic behavior by throwing the ball to a different part of the room each time, confusing and disorientating the Patriachal infant leopard seal. Eventually it grows tired and falls asleep with its head in your lap. You shudder as you imagine how this reflects upon the rape culture of leopard seals.

The door opens, suddenly. There he is. You feel fear well up from the bottom of your stomach as Rade "The Dame Dunker of Deutschland" enters the room, holding several large boxes in his arms.
"Fraulein!" he rapes, his problematic shouting voice violating your safe space, "Ich bin auf dem Traumschiff!"
You huddle in a corner of the bed as he sets down the boxes, revealing dozens of dresses, combs, hair products and shoes. You shiver in dread as he indirectly imposes his unrealistic standards of Aryan beauty upon you. Doesn't he know that you identify as a middle aged black woman from the south?
"Ve have a dress party to attend tonight sveetie, please choose something nice," he says, petting the leopard seal on the head. The creature coos as it is rewarded for its patriarchal and oppressive behavior later. You shudder in revulsion.
"Y-yes Rade," you stammer out, trying not to panic as his colossal abdominal muscles press through his linen shirt into your face.
"Gut! I have to go execute some humans, ring if you need anything," he says, adjusting his picture of him shaking Nigel Farage and George Bush's hands before leaving.

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