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...I don't understand. How do you make a Star Wars movie without building it around a "plucky heroes looking for a specific plot-advancing character walk into a cantina (or place starting with a 'C') full of aliens" scene? It can't be done.

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oh my...

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>sisters of battle
C-can it be the female soccer club with dildos, at least ?

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>command cards are out
>I own three fleets
>use them to run demos about once a month
Should I spend the $33+shipping now, or wait to see if more people start getting into this on their own...

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....well I guess it wasn't a J.J. brand production, so I might take your word for it and finally give it a watch sometime.

Into Darkness really chapped my ass though

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> Making a Life Mystery Oradin
> Want to take Fey Foundling
> Want to take Noble Scion (War) for CHA to initiative
> Both require you to take it at level one

I mean, I suppose I could take both if I went Human, but then I'd be losing Exotic Weapon Proficiency as a Half-Elf.

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Should I go Admech for superior firepower and an elite, but pretty fragile force?

Or should I go GSC for whack-a-mole and psychic shenanigans?

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>PHR scratch the itch for smooth armor plating and overwhelming barrage fire
>Shaltari have inertia-proof maneuver hacks and vicious particle beams

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>fedora-lords are anti women
>fedora-lords are white knights

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>Guess I can be a bit oblivious at times?
Shit son, I'm literally autistic and in retrospect I was as oblivious as a shonen protagonist during my high school and university days.

>High school
>Some girl pushes up against me in the staircase
>In the cafeteria she sits on my lap because she accused me of stealing her chair (which I didn't)
>Stole my notes once forcing me to chase her
>Went through my phone once and asked me who [girl's name] was (it was my mother)
>Assumed she was just bullying me

>Some girl invites me to her birthday even though we barely spoke in class
>Always stands uncomfortably close to me when we talked
>Avoided taking the bait because shit would be awkward

>Some other time
>Waiting for my bus
>Some older woman starts talking to me
>It's awkward because I don't like talking to strangers
>My bus arrives
>She asks if it's to late to ask for my phone number
>"Yeah... I guess... kthxbai"
>Only after I'm seated and the bus drives away do I realize what she meant by that

I'm honestly not joking, it literally took me YEARS to figure out that the first girl was into me.

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