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"Just, JUST-"

I am so mad right now I don't even know how to respond.


I turn and storm toward the doorway, and then grab Mom and the clown.

"We're leaving."
"Sweetie, don't get mad-"

"Fine, you're leaving." Asai responds, his hands on his hips. "See you later."



We flip back into reality in the parking lot of Fortune HQ.

Mom sighs, and falls to her knees. The clown collapses onto her butt and huffs.
I'm just, exasperated. I don't even know what to say now.

Oh, except one thing.
"Mom, cheer up, please?"
"I can't believe it." Mom cups her hands into her face, "I worked so hard to try to save him. To try to save everyone."

"You wanted to SAVE Asai? Seriously?" The clown hugs her knees tightly.

"Shh." I hush her, and return to hugging Mom.

We sit in the empty space for several minutes. Mom continues to sob, and I continue to wish I just threw Asai off the building a long time ago when I had the chance.

I can't believe he did this.
Well, I CAN believe he did this, I just don't understand what the point of it would be. Other than make Mom mad.

"Well.." Mom says, teary-eyed. "We might as well get this over with."
"Get.. What. over with?"

"Destroying the card." Mom sighs, "And Asai."

>Wait, we can try another way!
>We could still try and turn him human!
>You're right. Let's just put this behind us.
>Give her the card, don't say anything.
>No, I want to do it, I think I've earned it.

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I lay my head back into her loving embrace. Laying here with her is reward enough for me. She softly sighs and closes her eyes.
Really, I would like to stay here like this forever with her. I also realize that I can't go without asking some important questions.

"Hey Mom."

"What is the deal between you and Fortune? Why do you keep working for them."
She cuddles me a bit closer; I can feel her body tense up, but she relaxes and starts talking after a short time.
"Because I want this life, here, with you. Working for them is the only job that I know how to do. It's also the only way that I can be sure that you'll be safe. I'm not really in a position to oppose them if they wanted to, well."
She cuddles me as close as she can, almost smothering me.
"I rather not think about what would happen if I didn't."

They must really have her convinced something will happen to me.

"Mom, please, I worry about your safety more than anything else."
"Then, you know how I feel about them threatening you."

She may have a point there, but I don't recognize the danger I'm in as immediately troubling as the danger she faces every week.

"L-lets go get breakfast, Mom."
"Right, lets."


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"That's not the only reason I'm here. I want to speak to this other CEO you were talking about. I think he's the one who has been wanting to speak with me so badly."
"Wha? Are you sure?"

"Mom, I'm positive, if he wants to speak with me so badly then I'm going to do it just to get him off my back. Besides, you're going to be there with me, right?"
"Well.. Umm."
She thinks about it for a second, but immediately shakes her head.
"Yes.. I'll be right there with you. I wouldn't leave you in a time like this." She hugs me again, but it's almost as if she's... uncertain? I'm not really sure.

"Oh! Right. I just remembered." I take out my phone, sending a text message to Maeda and Aiko to see how the search for Ryouta is going.

I slowly help Mom out of her chair while I wait for a reply, she seems to need assistance walking. Several seconds later, my phone beeps several times. Picking it back up and reading it,
"Masami, Ryouta is fine. The elevator is out and he was wandering around on the 16th floor. We'll be back up in a few minutes. - Maeda"

That's a big relief for me. I ask the monster that's been so nice to help them get back in. Together, Mom and I make our way down the hallway toward a large, well-furnished door at the end.


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"M-Mom", my words seem more like weak moans

Her face is a blush red, she groans slightly and tries to move, but immediately slumps back down into the sand.

Mommy, please, please be okay.


I can EASILY carry her with this transformation, even though she's over twice my size. I pick her up out of the sand and take her back inside, laying her down and putting an ice pack on her forehead.

Her hair has returned to normal now. She seems to be stirring slightly as I put a glass of water by her.

She looks up at me, a single tear forms at the corner of her eye,
"Y-You're not hurt, are you?"
Why are you worried about me?

"I'm fine! You're the one that just fell down! Here! Drink!"
Her eyes flutter open, she drinks from the cup before replying,
"T-thanks sweetie, I'm fine. Really. I just got a little too hot, that's all."

I don't believe you!

She tries to stand up, but I quickly keep her down. She shouldn't be standing when she's like this.
"No, Mom, Rest."

"I-It's fine, I'll be okay in a few minutes."

I can feel the tears in my eyes welling up again.
Without even saying anything, I throw myself into her arms.

I just begin crying. She slowly runs her hand through my now shoulder-length hair.

We sit there like that for what feels like an hour.

>Say/do something?
>Such as
>"Do you just want to go to bed?"
>"Do you want something to eat?"
>"What did you do to get like this?"
>"Please don't even do that again!"

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The place that she never had.

"Is this about school being a place to make friends? I made some friends!"
Her hand tightens slightly
"Did I make the wrong friends?"
Her hand tightens again

Mom interrupts, "No, I don't want you to ever think that. I'm very happy with your friends, and I am so thankful that you've found them."

She continues, "When you mentioned being attacked on your way to school, it felt like I had completely failed you as a mother. Like the one goal that I had, to keep you safe in your own world, had been completely shattered."

I can feel her hand loosen around mine slightly. One of the flowers in the garden sheds a small pedal.

"Which is why, even though I'm having problems expressing it." She pauses, "I am so happy that you have found friends who have the strength to do what I can't."
"I don't really know what it means to use magic to protect, I can only remember using it to hurt."

I think she's crying again, much more softly this time than the last.


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