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“... Why not both?”

She blinks at this. “... fair point.” She shakes her head. “We're gonna have an interesting week, aren't we?”

You whip out your phone and find the appropriate contact. “It'll be something, alright,” you say, “but I don't know that that something's 'interesting'...”

She laughs. “I guess there's only one way to find out, then, huh?”

You snort. “Yeah...” You tap the first name of those you need to call. “I guess so,” you mutter as you bring the phone up to your ear.

The phone picks up on the first ring. “What can I do ya for, Red?”

You consider the best way to phrase your answer. Then, after a few moments of that, you decide, 'screw it,' and go for the throat. “I'm putting a team together. To design and build a three-hundred ton super-heavy tank... in a week.”

You hear a heavy sigh on the other end of the line. “... One of these days, Red, you're gonna be the death of me.”

You smirk. “There's worse ways to go.”

“... Fair enough. When do we start?”

You look at your watch. “... three hours and twenty-two minutes ago.”

“Sunnuva bi-”

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You should implant microchips in her sister more often!

She rests her chin on top of your head. “Did Mato tell you anything about what happened last night?”

You shrug. “Some kinda anomalous fire thing. Your sister kicked its ass, apparently, but...” you trail off, somewhat uncomfortable due to the combined intimate contact and odd subject of conversation.

“You think it was something to do with... 'that', don't you?”

You nod. “Yeah. Yeah, I do. But that's not the weirdest part, Akane-chan.”

“Oh? Enlighten me, then; what is the weirdest part?” The playful tone of voice she uses sets you more at ease.

She really knows you in and out, huh?

“There doesn't seem to be any actual harm to her body. Only... only her mind, yanno? And, judging by the pictures Mato showed me, there was a lot of fire- or maybe just a lotta heat- being tossed around. I think her Personal Reality's probably taken a dramatic change, presumably for the more powerful.”

Akane's arms tighten around you a little more. “How much more powerful, you think?”

You shrug as best as you can (though Akane's embrace makes it a tad difficult). “It's pretty much impossible to tell, but- if I had to guess- I'd say she's at least mid-Level 4 at this point. Hence, the chip. Nothing too fancy, just a few basic safeties- kinda like a power limiter or something. Should keep her from accidentally melting stuff around her every time she gets all 'fired up', though it'll probably mess up her heat-sense thing, too, but that seemed like it was messed up anyways. I figured that was an acceptable trade-off.”

Akane's hands move a bit further up your body, to a place that makes your cheeks burn. “I never really gave you enough credit, did I, Miku-chan?” She brings her mouth to your ear. “It's kinda silly, huh? It took seeing our sisters all cuddled up like they are to realize...”

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You blink.

That was... odd, you think.

Oh well!

What'd she mean, anyways, with all that 'I don't have the heart' stuff?

You grip the handle and stand there for a few seconds.

What if Akari sleeps in the nude?

What if she's awake?

What if she's awake and in the nude?

What if Akari wakes up in the nude?

“Ma-to-chan~” Takamichi-san sings, peeking her head in through the front door, “Akari-chan doesn't think wasting time is cute, so get on with it already~!”

Okay, two things.
One, why is she being so pushy?
And two, that was really pretty creepy.

Either way, it was a good point.

… It was, wasn't it?

What do you do?
>Open the door.
>Knock on the door.
>Other (write-in)

>[NOTE: Mato is many things, but she is not a chef, and she knows it. She won't try to cook breakfast, for she knows it is a fool's errand.]

What number was your branch, again?
>Give me three rolls of 3d10 apiece, if you'd be so kind.

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