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>Since we've been playing online, I've had some of their favorite teas delivered to their homes.
based beyond belief

sounds like you've got some tasty stuff and good intentions, anon
we all could use a bro looking after our health in such ways

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Well, yes and no. The thing about reusing elements or upgrading the setting is that my players are always either the same or there's heavy overlap between them. I run other shit when it has its own setting (sixth world for shadowrun, old world for wfrp, alt-earth for CoC, etc, you get the gist) but I don't want to be a one-trick pony when it comes to wholly homebrew campaigns.

My friends are quick to recognize reused elements, and beyond the fear of being seen as creatively bankrupt, there is the very real issue of having my players "unlearn" bits of my world to learn new bits of what's essentially the same world. I've had to deal with that kind of dissoance when switching between editions of the same game, so I'd like to avoid having the same issue on a narrative level. Do you see why it's a problem?

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>POE was shit

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There's no side effects because magic isn't real. You still can play a wizard, but he is simply a charlatan claiming to have magic powers.

This is the best way to have Wizards in any fantasy system, you can't prove me wrong.

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Greentexts are fake. Every time one "that happened" threads pop out and OP is asked about specifics, things become blurry, sketchy "I don't remember" even though it happened "yesterday" and such.
I recall a thread from a few days ago where some Anon spilled the beans about writing fuckloads of fake greentexts just because he didn't have anyone to play with.

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In addition, I fail to understand people who think PFRPG = Golarion + Paizo.
Heck, there's metric ton of additional settings and supplements using the mechanics. The Great City, Freeport, Midgard, Amethyst...

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You just saved me a lot of time, thanks a lot.

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The party discovered the ancient ruins they were exploring were actually an airship. Now it's theirs, and they're discussing what to name it. They're so excited and enthusiastic, asking all kinds of questions about the hull (it looks like it was poured rather than built), if it has any weapons (they're in poor repair, but they look like much more advanced versions of the Kalshan Empire's magitek weaponry), how fast it can go (the screen says the engines are at 14% functionality), and are discussing what to name it.

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under. rated. post.

>pic related
/awg/ has the best minds, i swear.

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I laughed, scrolled down, then scrolled back up and chuckled again.

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>mfw checking her out on wikipedia

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I haven't played it myself, but around these parts the consensus seems to be that while it's OK for younger players, that it lacks depth / has some rules issues that could make it less appealing to adult board game players.

As for me: Board Game equilibrium achieved! Got in 2 games of Forbidden Island (in fact 2 groups running 2 games of it at the same time since we had 7 players). And both groups managed to win both games, though our 3 player group had fewer issues, even winning our 2nd game on elite level. Then we managed 3 rounds of Saboteur - which is challenging for the Dwarves when there're 3 saboteurs in the game. (The fact that some of our groupe are devious and able to keep a straight face makes in even more entertaining.) And we finished up the evening with a couple of games of Dixit. All in all a well spent game day with friends.

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> I lay sisters....

put it here, brah!

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>Go complain to /gif/ or /vg/ or wherever about such trivial things as art direction. We are the artists. We are the dreamers of dreams. We are /tg/. You need to use a coaster.

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>Dark Souls memes

Oh god, the nostalgia is getting me for good.

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My Templar.

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Knights keep the peace in a fantasy wild-west colony.

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Man you are taking Shakespeare's ability in Horizon and making it into a pretty nice sounding class.

Seriously, good job. I'd love to play an entire game of that fucking series. So damn good.

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Though the needing to die part is a bit much, but a stern talking-to and a finger-waggling about exposing others to your fetishes is in order.

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the grey knights were founded by malcador using loyal members of traitor legions, so the grey knights kinda.

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Its okay, friend. I over-exaggerated before.

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You da man.

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