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Honestly he sounds insecure in his abilities, if that stopped him. In this situation the obvious thing to do is just to continue and make sure the story beats are believable. It may be stupid to frame it like "they were good all along" but it's not that hard to paint a race as "no, they're not good, but they're doing what they think they must, and so are you. That's how all believable war is, fuckers."

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Fair. Basically they need to have their flaws written out prior and only act against chivalry with that specific thing. For example, I can see someone who writes their character flaw as being zealous or wrathful as the type of person who'd fall easily into misguided conflicts, perhaps even regularly. But they should still be saving orphans and shit left and right wherever possible. Usually it's not worth playing that type of character if their flaw is more than one specific thing.

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I know

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