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She nearly jumps right off the clocktower as I appear back in the real world. She tries to calm herself down when she realizes it was just me.
"How did it go!? Did you get Asai!?"
"Well, no."

The copies are almost completely dealt with in the park. I wonder what happens when they defeat them all?

"He turned into a statue when I took him over there. Then he crumbled away."

"Well, what do you think happened?"

She looks at me with a blank stare.
"I don't know, why are you asking me?"

I guess I should have known.

"A-anyway! What do I do now that Asai is back out there? Should I go help fight him?"
"No, something isn't right." Haruko stops me.

The multiple Asai's are not really attacking the adults. They're falling away when hit, and reforming shortly after.

Except the one that's talking to Mom, it's just monologuing to itself.

"They're not fighting back, they're trying to distract them."

"Then, if they're distracted; Asai can go do whatever he wants elsewhere."
"But he can already do that now, I mean. There's lots of him!"

I wish I never had to say that there were more than one Asai anywhere.
"Well. Then. I don't get it."


>Let's go down and try to help!
>Stay here, try to figure out what the point of doing this might be.
>If Asai is here, then there probably isn't one of them over at the giant. Let's go investigate!
>"I might know someone who does, though. Inside of a mansion."

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I feel myself touch the asphalt of the parking lot once again. They're frantically searching around the empty lot for me.


>"Ice Cream, huh?"
>No! Important mission! Go find Mom! Now!
>I'm in over my head! It's time to start calling people!
>Try and scare them!

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"Then what should I do, you two!?"
"Just stay here!"

"But Mom is out there, with that thing!"
"She's a grown-up, she can handle herself."


Aiko suddenly realizes that she's not one to speak about that.
I take advantage of the situation.
"You know that wherever your mother went, you would go. You followed her to the ends of the Earth just to make sure she's safe."

Aiko looks extremely guilty, right now.
"I'm the same way!" I grab her hands, "I can't just leave Mom out there with.. That. I need to be right there, with her, fighting it!"

"Just do me one favor." Aiko pulls her hands away.
"What is it?"

"Just make sure my mother didn't run off to fight it, as well."

"(You're not serious, are you Aiko? I was hoping you'd help keep Masami here!)"
"You know that neither of us can do that, Mir."

"Thanks, you two."
"Just go! I'm already beginning to regret this." Aiko hugs me, before gently pushing me away.

I make my way out of the gym, that thing in the distance has gotten much more 'defined', so to speak. I hope I'm not too late.


I knock on the door to Aiko's house once more, receiving only silence in return.

She's already gone. Now I have two people to worry about.
What's worse, I don't even have a way to find her. Plus, I don't know what kind of plan she has in store.

I spin on my heel, just to be met with Haruko, and Julie!
"What are you doing here?" They seem confused.

"What are YOU doing here? And what's that in your hand?"

"Oh, right!" Haruko perks up, "Look! We found a kitty!"
It squirms awkwardly.

>Can you two come with me? I need to go fight.. that thing.
>Why are you two out here at a time like this?
>Have you seen Marie anywhere?
>Maybe you two should go home.
>Why a cat?

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"Come on!" I say, crossing my arms. "Hear us out! It's a proven idea!"
"Anything that doesn't destroy Asai is unacceptable." She sighs.

"But hold on, this is different! This is something that has reformed every monster we've seen recently! It's a tried and tested method!"

"It's too risky. Anything that leaves the possibility that Asai can come back can't be trusted."
"It will not be a monster anymore if it works!"

Her eyes open, she kneads her hands.
"I'm listening."

I tell her about how every monster we've seen in the past few days has turned human after something happened. I'm not sure what that something is or what causes it, but it's still enough to be potent enough to reform everything. Plus it means that their powers are reduced, and that it might revert him to an age where he can be disciplined once more to behave.

Marie still seems skeptical. Thinking back on it, the whole thing does seem kind of far-fetched.
"Listen, even if this does work, what is stopping him from just starting up a new company?"
"Because he'll be too young to do that!"

"I don't think I trust this method. You say some of the reformed monsters still have powers, right?"
"Well, yes, but-"
"Then this doesn't solve anything. Asai may still have his abilities once he has reformed."

Haruko stands up, she seems insulted.
"Listen! I know we may still have our powers, but it really works! Every monster I've seen that transformed acts like the kindest person imaginable, Just take Julie for ins-"

Before I can react, Julie has already bolted upright, jumped over to Haruko, and grabbed her mouth.
The two start struggling against one another. Mom laughs, and I feel a weird sense that I have lots of work to do on reforming my sisters.

>There, see? It works just fine!
>Please tell me your plan if you have a better one?
>Let's compromise!
>Let's just make up a plan as we go.

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No, I can't fight Marie! Not here!
That'll just prove everything she was talking about! What if I do fight her, and I win? Then absolutely everything she said about me being a menace to society would be true! She wouldn't be able to stop me, Aiko couldn't stop me. Who else would believe that I would behave with this power?

I have to keep stalling, the adults are on their way. They'll make it all better. They can make Marie stop being crazy. I'm sure of it.

Marie whips the shirt over her head, and tries again for us. I grab Julie and Haruko's shoulders.

With a leap, I yank them out of the way just as the fabric whiffs past our faces. Aiko hops in front and catches the next attempt at whipping us with the enchanted cloth. She grapples onto it.

I grab Aiko around the waist and pull her away just before Marie can clasp onto her arm!
That's when I realize that we need to get away, right now.

Aiko's weight is much more managable with Belle on. I'm able to grab Belle and leap backwards quite a ways before landing almost on the other side of the shrine. Marie has at least twenty meters to clear before she can get to us now.

This gives me some time. I need to think about how to deal with this.

"Masami." Haruko says in a panicked voice. "It's her clothes. I felt it when she struck last time. She's storing magic energy in her clothes. That might be why Aiko's shirt stuns us when we touch it."

"What do we do about that!?"

"It means." Haruko suddenly looks very serious. "We will have to take off her clothes."

Suddenly, I feel a red burn across my cheeks. Aiko squeaks oddly.

"W-what?! I don't wanna!"
"We have to, though! Julie! You have the fast sword!"

"I don't want to take off a woman's clothes! You can go to jail for that!"
"I don't think that counts here! Masami!"

I don't want to take off her clothes!

>Thread End

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I look and notice something, on the other side of the barrier, there seems to be two figures. They both burn with a blue aura and a red aura. Each one of them is peeling the bubble back little by little.
"Step aside!" I hear from behind me.
There's a whistling by my ears as an extremely large metallic figure speeds past us.

It's that monster again, the good one. He strikes the barrier right at the point the two on the other side seem to be channeling.
He grabs onto a section of the bubble, like it was made of putty. Struggling, he lifts it above his head, creating a small hole.
"Quickly!" He bellows as he struggles with the fabric of the bubble.
The principal and I duck below the bubble as the hole collapses behind us. The monster falls to the ground as the two figures run over.

One of them is clearly Julie, she looks out of breath and a little irritated. The other is someone that I'm not sure I'm familiar with.
"Hello?" I ask the red one as I set Aiko onto the ground. "Thank you for helping us!"

"Hey!" Julie immediately jumps over to me and grabs my arm. "Just remember, I'm HER best friend!"
The girl in the red dress looks almost insulted.
"You mean, you don't recognize me?"

"No! She doesn't!" Julie sticks her tongue out at her.
She puffs out her cheeks and helps the monster up. I'm still struggling to understand what is going on.

"How did you know we would go to that part of the bubble, anyway?" I ask her.
"Because I know you too well, Masami." She pouts.

Red dress, knows me too well, red aura.
I jump over and wrap my arms around her.
"It really is you!"
"And I'm your favorite!" She smiles.

"Wait- hold on-"
Julie grabs my arm again.

Both of them are glaring at one another.

Aiko's mother looks upset, Aiko seems to be angry, Ryouta looks betrayed, and Maeda has that creepy smile again.

I don't know what problem to deal with first.

>Thread End

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"Don't.. Please, no!"
Aiko, calm down, I got this.

Focusing, I think of the speed card and Haruko. I can tell he really doesn't intend to do that to her, otherwise she would have already gone off the ledge.
Bursting forward, I can tell that he wasn't expecting me to call his bluff. He puts her arms up defensively as if that's going to stop me from what I'mabout to do next.

I grab her into my arms and carry her princess style back onto the ledge. She struggles and kicks against my grip the entire time I do so.

Aiko is back over to me in a second, trying to rub and erase the strange neon shapes from her arms and legs.

"What now, Priestess?" Her voice doesn't even sound like a woman's voice anymore.

I can feel Haruko's aura trying to counteract his evil. I'm just not sure how potent it's being. Aiko's mother doesn't seem to be getting any better, and that insane smile she's flashing at me is extremely unnerving.

>Try harder! I believe in Haruko!
>I need a second opinion!
>Maybe Mom?
>Something else!?

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"Hey, wait!" I yell at her, of course she doesn't slow down. That would just be too easy.

I let the armor slip off of me, returning me to my regular school outfit. I dart to my feet and chase after her, but I'm not sure how much good it will do at the speed she seems to be moving at.
Julie slips out of my pocket as I let the card overtake me. She seems to be a bit faster than the other cards, so I may be able to keep up.
This seems to work for a few minutes. I'm keeping up with her brisk pace as she rounds the corner of the Gym and takes off behind it.

That is, until she turns around and notices me following her. She reaches into her pocket,
takes out a card
and does a swiping motion across her wrist.

As if someone flipped a switch in her legs, she darts away at twice the speed that she was once running at. I lose her as she rounds one of the corners of the indoor court building.


Walking back, I come across Aiko and Maeda. Maeda still looks like she's in pain, with a visible welt across her shoulder. Aiko is supporting her using her good arm.

"What are you two doing here?! Shouldn't you be in the theatre?"
"She insisted that she could help." Aiko says, looking at Maeda. She coughs slightly as Aiko adjusts her weight.

I flip over to Haruko and pick her up, letting its healing aura engulf her.
"Masami, I'm fine, I just got a-" I ignore her and keep carrying her anyway.
"That's really useful." Aiko says, staring in awe.

"Maeda, Aiko, Do either of you know of a girl in a mask that has been coming around here?"
"Um. Not really."

So much for that.

>Look around the schoolyard some more
>Get witness accounts from the people in the theatre
>Ask Ryouta and Ken what they think
>Just let Maeda heal, maybe take her home.

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"Why are you so different from the others?"
"You heard me, the other monsters immediately tried to fight when they saw me. You haven't even tried threatening me yet."
He thinks on that question for a few seconds.
"They're.. it's difficult for me to answer that, Priestess. I, myself, don't know the true answer as to why everyone else is a raving, battle-hungry lunatic besides me. Even right now, most of them are still on the floors below us fighting over the rights to show you to the top floor. If I went downstairs and told them that you were already up here, they would likely keep fighting for the sport of it."

"..And you're seriously saying those people are my family?"
"It's hard for me to imagine sometimes too, Priestess."
He looks over toward me.
"Maybe that's why I consider you to be part of my family more than anyone else."

"So why do you keep saying I'm your family?"
He looks toward the ground, "That's just what I was told, and I've chosen to believe it to be true."
"..So what's your name, then?"

He looks at the ceiling for a minute, before laughing to himself.
"I haven't chosen one yet. Most of the others had their names given to them as part of a naming scheme that I don't know the basis of."

There's the sound of talking and movement in the meeting room. The lock clicks several times as the doors open to reveal one of the two scientists who were in the room.

He adjusts his glasses, "You can come in now, but don't speak too loudly, she's still exhausted."


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"Aiko, are you sure you're okay?"
"Yes, I'm fine, I'll feel better in a minute."

That's not good enough for me.

I transform into Haruko's card, allowing the flowing red outfit to overtake my clothes. I walk to the other side of Aiko and gracefully sweep her into my arms.
She squeaks in surprise, and then taps on my shoulder as if she wants me to put her down. I don't, I can still tell that she's in a lot less pain this way, even if she doesn't want to admit it.
Plus, she's almost weightless like this.

"Just stay off that foot for a few minutes."

Huh, that's strange.
Haruko's firey golden aura, the light that her card gives off. Usually it shines outward from the outfit like a very bright lamp. Now it seems to be shining inward, casting itself onto Aiko.

I look at Aiko's face, and notice something,
"Aiko? Hey! Aiko!"
"Uhmm, Hmm?" She looks up at me.
"You fell asleep."

Maeda is really starting to look worried now. She presses her hand up against Aiko's head to check her temperature.

"I fell- oh. I guess I did" Aiko blushes slightly. "I-I'm sorry, it just feels so, warm here. It feels warmer than the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in." she hugs me a bit tighter and falls back asleep again.
"Huh?" Is all I can say to that. I don't remember her reacting this way before to this card.


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