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Best reply.

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>GM takes catpeople characters seriously

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simple, but great taste.

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>The Age old question of putting Tits on non-humans.

The way I see it if you're going to put, full, plump, human-like breasts on a species they need to fulfill the following requirements:

>Have to nurse their young through lactation.
>Have to be vaguely humanoid.
>Have to have some natural inclination for face to face social interaction.

I'm probably missing maybe one or two, but those are the general "hard" rules for me putting breasts on things.

Some things to consider:
>Centaurs DO NOT have "utters" because they CRADLE their babies- Centaur babies not being born as "developed" as normal horses, obviously- so the "human" breasts are the ones that see use.

>Merpeople possess nipple-less breasts that are NOT used for breast feeding and are instead used as an "air bladder". Both males and females have them and they inflate and deflate to assist in diving.

>Gorgons possess breasts because they are not directly descendant from reptiles. They lay eggs as well as breast feed their offspring- investing a great deal of care and time into their children.

>Dryads/Plant people do not possess "Breasts". Those are fruits.

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Everyone should read this, it's so fucking good

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