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>[A1] [TIFF] Team Fortress 2's quick-and-dirty engineering skills could be helpful.
>[A3] [MOJANG] is a miner, a crafter, and perhaps most famously, a builder.

Kinda, I still think they only need one [A1: Tiffy] but if we can vote for another one, before someone accidentally sends away our only defense against a Legion of HFS....

And for Travelling:


If I understood correctly she can summon stuff from the Warcraft games, Hearthstone and the MMOrbination called World of "Warcraft", including their spells. Best Utility mage aside from Blanc of them. Blanc herself should hold the fort down, especially if DoomGirl somehow chokes on the HFS.

Also, preparing for having this guy as a Torch.

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>[ ] [YOU, ESTELLE, ROKKO] All three.

Also, because IF needs experienced help


First ask Blanc how the Fort holds together, and if one or both of them do not need to go back immediately to prevent worse things from happening, ask Blanc politely to help IF coordinating the aftermath, while Thraviel goes with us on the descend into darkness, so that if we land in the Dankest Dungeon we have enough backup that we do not need a requiem for our sanity in an Eternal Darkness.

Also, eventuel we get [picture] summoned by her to light the way then.

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In the spirit of actually discussing the Warcraft setting, how would you deal with alternate timelines?

Personally, I'd like to keep dragon shenanigans involved if I could.

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