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Who does GW presume that the Marine players are supposed to fight if they only release kits for the Imperium of Man?

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Not really a commie meme, is it? It's more just the reality of how society works. The only difference between then and now is that nowadays the We Rule You and We Eat For You are both at the top, and the We Fool You is the media instead of the priesthood.

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I think I get what he's saying.
>You have fifty character points and $10,000. You can trade up to ten of those points for an extra $1,000 each, but you must pay $200 a month in debt for each point.
>You have forty character points and $20,000. You must pay $2,000 a month in debt.

Even though the first one provides more freedom, he's considering that to be minmaxing and he would just prefer the second one be the default. I might be wrong, though.

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Backlog is Warhammer's MTG sideboard

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i'm a noob, started 2 weeks ago, i learned almost every line of the vienna and the london with transition to the diagonal attack, i went to 900 from 400, im guessing by the start of the second month i should learn both of them by hearth if i continue to no life the game.

I'm pretty sure fundamentals Ashit, you just gotta learn why a-4 is bad and how a minor thing like that in the opening transpose in 15 moves into a losing position. I understand this is the wrong way of playing chess and i would crumble with black pieces or opening in any other way, BUT HEY, literally who cares winning and 1000 is so close.

Black is extremely hard for me i guess because of this, i've pretty much shot myself in the foot, Sicilian requires actual knowledge and fundamentals so i tried the pirc but it also requires fundamentals and knowledge but who cares black fucking sucks anyway lmao lol just win.

Oh wait you think indian kids are actually smart and they didn't learned the game by memory? or worse the game ain't solved? Why do you think they all suck in the easiest part of the game, the end game, no memorizing that.

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>Because it is the only way to get five intercessors in one box?

Why make billions, when we can make MILLIONS?

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>play a game heavily skewed toward the players
>still feel the need to cheat

Just imagine the kind of person you have to be to cheat in the power fantasy that is D&D.

The best part of the game is getting into dangerous situations, be it from roleplaying or the dice, and find a solution as a player. When everything goes smoothly in a game, people are bored as shit.
That's why I equally hate cheaters and min-maxers. They cheat the system so they don't have to think for themselves and let the math resolve all their problems. The first one is "fixing" the numbers to give them an advantage, and the other is obsessed with the numbers, or even worst, they just copy the equation others have made.

Go play something else if you're afraid of even the sligthest hint of an obstacle or having a wrench getting into your perfect, and only, well oiled machine you call a plan, and then get pissed off when it doesn't work.

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how do people set up games for this? i mean, it's not really like 40k where each army has a codex book.

is it just really just: settle upon era/BV, and off to the TROs?

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>You can sit around and masturbate to crazy conspiracy theories that people are kneecapping their own gamelines to harm a bunch of autistic faggots on 4chan if you want.

>haha, I know these people are the kinds who morally grandstand by pushing asinine politics down everyone's throat but if you're an autistic neckbeard tinfoil hat to complain about it

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>generic systems don't work
>so play GURPS

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Props for being willing to attack an entrenched institution, but you knew the answer you were going to get.

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Christian "morality" ruined my world. It's fitting that I ruin theirs.

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Try and use your noodle, friend.

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>Team up with with the childhood friend.
>Put a stop to whatever bullshit heaven is pulling that she's warning you about.
>Leave the bottle alone forever because it's probably part of their plans.
>Don't fuck the childhood friend because she's crazy.
Best plan or best plan?

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>actually believing there was a conspiracy to marginalize jews across the world and across history

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You guys are funny.

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Cosmic Warehouse

Electricity [140]
Heat/AC [130]
Plumbing [120]
Forcewall [100]

Housing [80]
Medbay [60]
Workshop [50]

Food Supply [40]
Stasis Pod x2 [0]


Build: Medium
Type: Bodybuilder [500]
Strength 2
Endurance 3 [50]
Dex 3 [300] [0]
Appeal 1 [250]
Shape 1 [200]
Sense 2 [100]

Height 1 - Slightly taller.
Metavore [400]

Jump 2: Full Metal Alchemist
Location: South
Age: 18
Origin: Drop-In
Simplified Formulae [900]
Advanced Formulae [800]
Melee Training [650]
Martial Training [350]
Alkahestry [50]

Mauser C96 [0]
Survival Pack [100]
Alternate Clothing [50]
Throwing Knives [0]

Hostile Rival [200]

Writefaggotry forthcoming.

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Mostly things like Luminoth tech and an 'empty' PED system you could adapt to either your own supply of Phazon or a different kind of energy.

The original idea I had was following South's idea where every 100 in drawbacks is about 10% of what you enter the jump with, just being a Dark Samus ripoff if you came to Metroid first. Taking Corruption would up the drawback to +1000.

I'm okay with a pacifist option for the inclined, though I'm a little hesitant to make it a companion option. That said, I'm also fine with making this gimmick its own drawback instead of a point gate. Mostly wanted to test the waters.

Aesthetic swapping will be an option, yes. All the 'base' designs I've indicated are basically origin freebies - the table should be available to everyone. You will be able to buy any other upgrades of your choosing, with some being discounted depending on origin. You can also find or modify stuff on the field, of course. The Fed armor isn't -useless-, but upgrading it to match the Bounty Hunters' things would probably be a good investment. I'll see how much I can include.
Oh, I know. I just like to prevent misinformation where possible. I do listen to all criticism, even increasingly desperate bait. Whether or not I consider it useful or worth paying attention to is another story.

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Technically speaking "DOON" is the correct pronunciation. DUHN-Mer is a Colovian mispronunciation.

Of course, this is in accordance with the pronunciation of the latter half as mare, and not muhr.

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>>Additional Notes
The campaign is set in a early renaissance time period in a custom setting. The starting premise is that you and the other PCs are being banished to not-Australia. The reason is up to you, such as political, criminal, misunderstandings, and so on, and should be sufficiently interesting that the Crown opted not to execute you outright. The first session will involve some work to get everyone on the same page and have reasonable characters written out. Human characters only. You will not be provided much information off the start, because your characters don't know anything about this new world.

The campaign is intended to rely heavily on skills usage and less on combat. Combat will happen, but is dangerous, so choose your fights carefully. The setting isn't meant to be grimdark, but neither is it going to be especially kind, so there's some cruel realities you may need to square yourself against given where you're going is largely lawless. You have the power to change (or embrace) these things, given time and determination.

The setting is largely going to be a 'sandbox' in nature, outside some introduction to get things going, bring in major locations and NPCs, and so on. There's a larger metaplot that the players are free to embrace or ignore. Events will carry on regardless. The world, monsters, and other encounters are not scaled to your ability to handle them, so characters are responsible for their own safety and not jumping into things beyond their abilities.

If all this interests you, please get in touch.

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Kill me now... it's 5AM here and I meant the exact opposite of what my post said.

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>that pdf

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