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"How then, How do we redeem someone like that?!"
"Masami, please, calm down." Kaori seems worried.

"Redemption isn't possible for everyone."


"I'll repeat myself, redemption isn't possible for everyone." The chairman blinks.

"No, I refuse to believe that."

"Even for me?"

Oh, damn him for using logic on me!

"M-maybe, eventually. You could become a nice person."
"Bodycasts are very humbling." He murmurs. "I can assure you of that."
Well, good. I think.

"You have two choices to reason with him. One is to hope the dormant part of him which he rejected eventually becomes active, and overpowers Asai."
"How long would that take?"

"Unknown, it never happened for as long as I knew Asai."

That's bad.

"The other, is to forcibly separate Asai, and then put him back together again using your own power, and not his."
"How do I do that? I was stuck last time I tried to put him together!"

He glares at me.

"That card, you were using it to inspect the room. The lovers. It can split things, and reunite them. Asai is one of those things which it has power over."

..Is he telling me I had the power to fix this the whole time and I didn't know?!

"..How do I use it on him?"
"Overpower him, and take one half of him to the magical realm. Reunite him using the same method."

>Thanks, bye.
>I AM sorry about putting you here, just a little
>I'm not sorry about putting you here. Think about what you've done.
>Anything else?
>Anything you want to say, Kaori?

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Because we live in Creation

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Umm, Ummmmmmmmmm!

"W-we can get him to go outside! I mean, I could make a card that gets him outside!"
"Mm hmm, what kind of card will that be?"

Oh, I was hoping that she wouldn't ask that.
"H-How about a giant vacuum cleaner! We'll suck him outside!"

"I don't think that's a good idea."
"Maybe a... a giant monster! Yeah! Like Godzilla! Or King-"
"No. Bad Masami, no making giant monsters."


"How about." Uh oh, Julie is thinking, "We try luring him out with you?"
I bop Julie in the back of the head.

"No! What are you thinking!? We tried so hard to get her back and now you want to give her away!?"
"Yeah, but- she's clearly okay in there! I mean. We got in several times before, right?!"

"Julie.. I kind of like that idea." OH NO, Mom is thinking now, too! "Trade me for Cirrus, and then cuff Asai."
"That's a terrible idea!" I cross my arms, "I'm against it!"

"I think that's a hasty idea as well, Izumi." The principal adjusts his glasses. "What if he doesn't honor the trade? He knows that he's getting out in a day, anyway. So why does he need you at this point?"

"Well." Mom seems to look annoyed for some reason, "This has kind of been a secret of Asai's, but who cares at this point. He has a kind of 'crush' on me."

The principal laughs, Julie and Haruko nearly jump out of their skin.
"He has a CRUSH!?"

"-Well, sort of. I don't think he understands what it means, but the intent is there. Even if he tries to hide it. Which is why I think the chance of him hurting me is very low."
"Mom! He engulfed you in fire last time! Then he tried to crush you with the building! Don't you realize this is a terrible assumption to make!?"

She thinks about it for a second.
"I guess those were just mistakes. He didn't really mean them."
"Huh, good point." The principal crosses his arms.

Oh no! No one is smart, and everyone is trying to make plans! This is terrible!

>Thread End

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I can't just ignore him. I still feel very guilty for promising to change his life, and being unable to deliver.
It's a very disgusting feeling deep in my heart.

He needs to know that, at the very least, I did my best.

I walk up to him, he appears to be watching the kids playing in the living room.
"Hello." He turns to face me. Even that motion makes me feel sick.

"Please forgive me!" I bow. He steps back.
"What? Why?"

"I said I was gonna make you human, and I didn't! You must think I'm the worst person in the world!"
"Masaaami." Even he has mastered that whine that Kaori makes. "I know it's not your fault."

"It really is, though!"
"No it's not, you said you were going to do your best, and you did. That's all I wanted."

That doesn't help my guilt, I still feel angry at myself.
"Listen." He pats my head, "I already knew before you started that there was a good chance that it wouldn't work. I've been trying for a long time to make myself into a human."

He kneels down to where he's at my eye level, well, if he had eyes.
"It isn't something you can give, Masami. It's something that I have to find."
"B-but! Now I don't know how I'm going to beat Asai if I can't make him human!"

"I wish I had the answer for you, Masami. But I trust that you can do it. Maybe it didn't work on me, but it may work on him. It's not the same for everyone."

This sucks! I wish I could just go inside him and get the human out. It was like that with Cirrus-
"OH NO! I forgot about Cirrus! She's sleeping in the garden!"
"That you should apologize for." He stands back up.

"T-thank you, I'll definitely find a way to make you human! Just you wait!"
I turn away from him and bolt to the back door, practically leaping off the porch.


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Kaori was a mess when we walked in the door. Apparently she spent most of the time that we were away worrying and crying. She genuinely thought that she would never get to see us ever again. She was even trying to work on the card that could turn monsters into humans, assuming that we wouldn't be back in time to finish it.

Then I told her about that ability that Mom 'accidentally' forgot. She replaced most of her fear with anger after that.

It's late at night now, and everyone is getting ready for bed.

"I got this bed." Kaori lazily flops down next to me, barely taking the time to take off her shirt. She's been insecure ever since we got back, and I don't really blame her after we made her worry so much.

Aina and Aiko got their own room, which means my bed may be extra crowded tonight like I'm expecting. The invisible girl has already taken residence at the end of my bed, which means I may be sleeping on the floor again.

"And I got this side!" Haruko happily jumps into bed next to me and hogs the blankets.

Something is missing, though.
"Hey, I'll be right back."
"Ugh, okay." Kaori almost immediately passes out.


She's sitting at the dining room table in her pajamas, a small glass of water in front of her. She doesn't say anything.
I sit down across from her.
"Julie, seriously. Can you please tell me what's wrong?"

"I was a monster." The weight in her voice is almost tangible. "And I feel so awful about what I've done to everyone."

>Thread End
>Next Thread Vote

>Don't worry about it.
>Get over it.
>Can you tell me the things you've done?
>No one cares anymore
>You're not like that now.

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Of course, I didn't expect tonight to be such a fierce battle. I suppose I should have expected it.
"I'm sleeping in her bed!" The girl in blue pajamas demands.
"Nuh uh! I am!" A similar girl in red pajamas pouts.

"Giiiiiiiiirls." I moan. "It's big enough for BOTH of you."

They glare daggers at one another, just as Mom emerges from the bathroom. She's damping the blue hair of a little girl as they walk. Emillion, clearly embarrassed, walks in behind her.
"How are you holding up, Mom?"
"It's hectic, but." She finishes ruffling the hair of the clearly annoyed little girl. "-I kind of like it! The house is so lively now."

The monster is sitting in the living room talking with the last two waiting in line for a bath.
She grabs the tiny hand of the next person in line, the little blonde girl who is Emillion's sister.

'Hectic' must be an understatement. She has eight kids living under her roof now.
It's fun, yeah. But it has some downsides.

"That's why I get to sleep closer to her!" Julie sticks her tongue out, jumping into bed.
"No! I'm her favorite!" Haruko jumps into bed.
That's when I notice that Kaori and the invisible girl are already sleeping in the bed and neither of them realize it. If I tried to sleep in it now, I would probably roll off.

I think I'll sleep on the floor tonight.

>Thread End

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>Mutants & Masterminds

We play fucking Shadowrun. Silver age cape hijinks isn't exactly a huge leap, but nooooo they don't want to play capeshit. Half of them even have off-groups for Exalted. I just don't get it.

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"I need to get to my sister! Could you!?"

I can't see any kind of face on him, but I could have swore a part of him seems to be smiling.

"Of course, Masami. Air combat is my specialty."

Wait, it is?

Without any warning, he blasts off ahead of me at the dots.
I could have swore that on his charge, one of the dots turned into two dots, which both plummeted uselessly to the ground.

Without wasting any more time, I rise over the aerial fighting and make a beeline straight for Fortune.


There's the rooftop! And there's Kaori!
And there's-
There's an old man that seems to be having problems opening a door.

And Mom still isn't picking up her phone, what is going on!?

My feet land HARD on the gravel as I assume a combat stance.
Quickly, I make my way over to Kaori, who doesn't even acknowledge me as I approach.

"Sis!" I yell at her. Nothing.

Is she deaf? What's going on?

>Call out to her again!
>Run over and tacklehug her, It's so nice to see sis again!
>Never mind that, why is that guy having problems getting in that door?
>lightly tap Kaori on the shoulder, get her attention

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"Not really good things? What do you mean?" The naivety is shining in my voice.

She stirs again at the bowl, putting it on the burner and setting it to hot.
"He had this idea that he could create a world for himself that he ruled over completely. He was extremely talented, and even managed to create one."

Create one?
"You mean.. the card world?"
"That's right, Masami. He was the one who discovered how to use it." She sighs.

Why didn't anyone tell this sooner!?
"Originally, he wished to retire there and live the rest of his days as emperor of his new world. But he was only human, and could never find a way to get there by himself. The best he could do was send servants there."

Mom washes her hands, trying to hide the fact that they're trembling slightly.
"So, he decided he would hide a whole army there to take the human world for himself. But eventually, his own army grew so large that they usurped him."

"Um, I don't really get what that all means."

She giggles, "He was a bad man who let loose many uncontrollable monsters upon the world before passing away. But those monsters united under the strongest of their ranks. That monster was the one I've always thought of as my father."

"I.. thought you said that you.. 'won' against your father."
"I did." She looks down at the pots and plates solemnly.


"The reason the Chairman is where he is today is because he offered peace. And that's why Fortune was created, it's a place for us to live in harmony."

When she puts it that way, Fortune sounds pretty important.

"I don't get it though, why would Kaori be angry about all this!?"
"Because the Chairman doesn't see anyone has his family. I'm not even sure that-"

Mom stops, she spins around to see Kaori standing there. A very obvious glare on her face.
"What were you two talking about!?"

"Nothing!" Mom and I both reply.

At least she said something, that's a good improvement!

>Thread End.

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I know that third room definitely has something strange about it. Why would there be a shadow cast without anything to cast it?

That's when it hits me.
Concentrating, I slip away into the alternate world of magic that parallels ours.
Sure enough, it's a fully furnished office here. Complete with a sofa, several pieces of furniture, and a cot. Someone must really make themselves at home here.

On the desk, in lieu of a computer, is a magic circle. It's kind of like the magic circle Mom uses to draft cards with.
Looking through the papers on the desk doesn't seem to be very helpful. It's almost as if the papers are written in another language.
That's... peculiar.

On the desk, in the middle of the circle, is a fully drafted card.
That's another thing to keep just laying around, but I guess whoever has this office probably wasn't expecting someone to come here and take what they please.
Quickly, I grab it off the desk and return to the real world. I don't want to risk anyone finding me here. I don't even know how I would fight them.


I'm able to hitch an elevator ride up to the top floor by sheer chance of luck. The building still seems to be swarming with beasts of all shapes and sizes. It's really worrying me how much they've picked up the pace of patrols as the meeting time gets closer. Maybe they already suspect that I'm in the building? Who knows.

If I wanted to guess, they would meet either in the board room, or upstairs in an office. Or they could also try something a little different and meet up on the rooftop. They must suspect that she has the ability to jump or at least get up there without anyone noticing, so that's probably not as likely.

Checking my phone I have.. ten minutes left to find where she's going to meet!

>Check the boardrooms first
>Check the offices first, particularly the CEOs office.
>Check upstairs on the roof, it's a long shot but why not.
>Check the labs, that's a creepy science place, right?

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I practically spring to my feet when she says that.
"Hold on! You're not planning on going alone, are you?"

She thinks about what I said for a second,
"Mm? Yes? I told you yesterday that I don't need your help."

"Yes you do!" I exclaim, "You don't even know where you're meeting yet! What if it's someplace dangerous, or what if it's a trap! Don't you at least want me to scout ahead first?"

She grumbles and hops out of bed, "I told you Masami, I'm a grown girl."
-no you're not, but okay.
"-and I can handle myself just fine. I don't need you to prod or 'help' me in any way. Besides, it's not like Dad to set up a trap. If he's going to agree to meet me, then there's nothing that he wants to do to me. "

"That's enough, Masami." She throws on a simple dress and walks out the door.

I'm not really satisfied yet. Why does she have to be so reckless?
The smell of breakfast quickly makes me lose the will to argue with her further. Kaori is clearly thinking the same as she makes a beeline straight for the dinner table.
We walk out into the dining room where Mom has already set up breakfast for the both of us. The smell is really strong this morning, it's making my mouth water. Sausage and biscuits, hash browns, pancak-

Wait, this isn't a standard breakfast.
She never makes any of this at all. Where's the rice? Or the cooked eggs? It's almost as if she didn't make this breakfast.

..Also, why is Mom's door still shut as if she's still asleep if breakfast is on the table?

>Who cares! Food time!
>This is too weird, time to look around.
>Go see if Mom is in her room.
>Stop Kaori and take her back to your own room

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Just because I don't suck dicks doesn't mean that I'm not gay. Stop trying to stereotype and oppress my people you fucking fascist.


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We finish our dinner, shower, and prepare for bed. This day felt like it lasted far longer than it should have, as well.

"I'm going to bed, sweetie!" Mom shouts down the hallway.
"Mom, wait."

This is so embarrassing to ask,
"Earlier, when you said that you wouldn't change anything in your life just so you could have me, were you serious?"

She responds by pulling me into a hug. I guess I should already know the answer to that.

"Mom, Thank you."
"Mmmhmm" Is all she can say to that.

She stops as she walks toward her room.
"I have a meeting in the morning. So when you wake up, I probably won't be here. I'll have breakfast for you made before I leave."

"Okay Mom, take care."

I enter my room and crawl into bed, thinking some more about my extended family. I wonder if any of them are as kind and caring as Mom is.

Nope, probably not, they're all jerks.

Thread End

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The shadowy figure turns to face me, I interrupt him before he can speak,
"Who are you and what have you done with the person that should be here?!"
He stops, and responds with utter silence.
I'm not letting him give me that treatment,
"I said, who are you and why are you even here!? Don't you have any shame?!"
His head snaps upward, and he finally responds to me,
"I could say the same to you, Priestess."
That voice, it's the same voice that man I met earlier had. The deep, condesending voice, filled with-
Wait, what does he mean by that?

My eyes draw downward to notice that I'm still wearing my PJs, and my top isn't buttoned all the way. My hands instinctively pull the fabric tight, and I look back at him just in time to notice that he had thrown the outfit at me. It collides with my face and sends me tumbling backwards.

He sighs, "I can't believe someone like you gets to own all of this. You must the one he favors the most to grant you so much while you continue to do so little for him."
Wait, who is 'he'?

He turns, and starts to walk away, the 'air' seemingly opening up for him to pass straight through as he steps away from me.

I stand up, clutching the outfit to my chest.
"Hey! I'm not done yet! Who was the person that was supposed to be here!"
He turns to look at me once more,
"You're the person who was supposed to be here, I was merely borrowing this place to get your attention. If you had just come and met him with me, none of this would have had to happen."

With that, he steps through the crack, and all becomes silent again.

Then I hear a very loud, obnoxious buzzing.


I'm in my bed, I'm holding my blanket really close to me, and the alarm is buzzing.

I can feel the sharp pinch of panic run across me. What do I do next?

>Just get dressed and go to school
>See if I can catch Mom and tell her about what happened
>See if Mom is even AWAKE yet from her meltdown yesterday.

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I'm finally done cleaning up after dinner, making sure that everything will be ready for the morning, I make my way to my room.

..Just in time for me to look over and notice Mom's door open.
And then I walk in to notice her laying half-naked on her bed, completely asleep. It seems she only got halfway through the 'getting dressed' portion before she just slumped over into her bed and went to sleep.

I drape the blanket over her. I'm tempted to sleep here tonight as well, especially with all the crazy things that happened today. But she needs her privacy, and I need to get to bed before it gets any later. Shutting the door as I leave the room, I briefly whisper:

"I'll wake you up in the morning, but you better not think that I'm making breakfast for you."
Arms cross. Pout.

Thread end.

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Aiko slaps her forehead, and groans.
"OOhhh, The MASK." she says, a tone echoing from her voice as if this is something that should be readily apparent to us.

"What mask?" I ask, did she go over this before? I somehow remember having this conversation.

"Before that jerk wrecked everything in the theatre, one of the things we were missing was a ceramic mask from the play 'Phantom of the Opera'. I looked high and low for that thing before I noticed that the armor was missing, it was a really expensive mask that was made just for the face of the actor who wore it." Aiko says as her head slowly lowers into her palms.
Her face is now obscured from view, "I guess if it had the power to just pick up a suit of armor and assume it as their body, then it could have picked up the mask and pretend that it was his face."


Finally, Mom comes back into the room, holding four full plates in both arms in an impressive balancing act.

"Hello girls, want me to get you anything to drink?" Her warm smile melts the worries away, even if for a moment.


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"Wow, I guess everyone around here has known each other for a very long time."
Aiko agrees, "Yup! Most of the students at school are childhood friends, it's actually very rare to have a transfer student. Which is why we set up the tour and everything for you."

"If everyone knows everyone else, why don't your parents help with the soldier problem?"

Mae and Aiko stop, Mae sounds a little cold in her response

"We" She hesitates for a minute, before changing her tone slightly.
"I'd rather not talk about that. Short answer is that there really isn't anything they can do about it anyway" Mae says, looking down at her feet.

Wow. I hope Mom isn't the same way when I tell her about it.
This reminds me of something, Mae seems awfully eager to meet someone from the people who seem to be her arch-rivals. Especially from a family that just recently moved into the neighborhood that she knows nothing about, so-
"Hold up, Mae, aren't you worried about meeting someone from Fortune? That's why you want to meet my mother, right?" I ask

"Oh" Mae says, slowing down her renewed pace some
"Ryo told me about that, but I kind of forgot, I really just wanted to meet your mother."

Great, now I feel like a jerk.


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The theatre is glowing bright, every space, every corner, every aisle, is filled with the golden light.

The monster is stepping away, gaunleted hands covering his face, he can't take the presence it seems.

He can't seem to take the soothing presence, the gold aura that has overtaken the room and everything in it. He slowly backs away further
As time
Seems to slow


There's a window in front of me, made of the most finely decorated, elegant crystal and ornate silver. The largest, most elaborate window that I have ever seen.

On one side, is the theatre, a bright light, an injured girl, and an armored man. Seemingly frozen in eternity.

On the other side, is me.

I have no idea where I am, or at what perspective this view is from. The room on my side of the window is completely dark, not even the warm light that illuminates the theatre can pierce this darkness.

I can feel the bodyheat of someone standing next to me, they have long hair that smells like freshly picked mint.

And she's holding my hand.

>Who are you?
>What's happening?
>No! Aiko!

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Before she leaves, there is one thing you would like.

"Um, can you do my hair? I don't really know how short hair should look, I want to at least be pretty for school tomorrow."

She smiles and walks over, I turn around so she has a better view of my hair. I feel her tug and pull at some locks of hair while combing other parts down. She dries it all with a towel and taps me on the shoulder.

"Keep your hair dry, and in the morning I'll put it in a cute hairstyle that works with your hair." She smiles gently as she puts up her towel and starts putting on clothes for bed.

I try to catch her before she has left, "Another thing, can I wear heels like you do? They look very nice"

She catches herself trying to laugh, "No no, you shouldn't be wearing those just yet. I think your school uniform has a code for shoes, anyway."

Well, there goes that.

"Let me get your clothes and we can look at your uniform some", she leaves the room and hangs my clothes on the hook before leaving on her own to dry her hair.

I finish washing off the soap and the conditioner, and begin to dry myself off. Putting on the nightwear that was given to me. I make my way to my room and open the closet.

>What kind of school uniform do I see?

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