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>requires +X to damage.

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>want to play AoS
>buy box and a hero
>assemble them and go to play
>refused because I am using 20mm square bases (that came in the kits)

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A shop who's walls are lined, floor-to-ceiling, with cages of all sizes, filled with mutant beasts.

The shop-keeper takes no responsibility for any injury caused by the creatures he sells. His stance on refunds is protected by a number of trained guard beasts.

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Possible monster classes:
>Dragons: red dragon
>Serpents: red dragon, basilisk, cockatrice
>Chimaerae: basilisk, cockatrice
>Myconids: walking mushroom
>Giant beasts: huge scorpion, giant bat, giant rat, giant frog
>Arthropods: huge scorpion, treasure bugs, mimic
>Mammals: giant bat, giant rat
>Amorphous: green slime, undine
>Demihumans: forest goblins, orcs, merfolk (mammalian)
>Plants: mandrake, all the man-eating plants, tentaclus, myconids too if you want to get trolly
>Undead: skeleton, ghoul, wraith, spirit
>Spirits: spirit, undine, sprite, maybe also wraith?
>Magical constructs: golem, living painting, living armor, actually not living armor
>Piscines: kelpies, merfolk (piscine), bladefish
>Molluscs: kraken, living armor

I'm also imagining a monster class that includes mimics, treasure bugs, living armor and other monsters with similarly deceptive appearances, but I can't think of a good name for one. I'd like to avoid just calling them "mimics", since that name is already taken by a monster. Of course, we'll run into the same problem if they try to cook a true chimaera later on.

As you can see, there's some overlap between the classes. It would be ideal if we could arrange the monsters so that all the classes are all roughly the same size and so that all monsters are in roughly the same number of different classes. If we can't do that easily, we can pare down the list of classes.

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I recently bought a nice box set of Mouse Guard And I wanted to look into other cute box sets of rpgs. Got any ideas?

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How would you stat Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower?


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Animal Companions > Summons


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Just because you put a name down in the archive doesn't mean that was your real name. Some members of the Company just put an X or scribble. All that name means is what is called out when it's your turn to collect your pay.

Corporal, in charge of your own squad of 8.

Necromancer: 4

Wild King: 6 (or 5 if suspected samefag)

No love for Warlord.

Necromancer did hit the 3 required votes first, but for a major decision like this I am considering going with the majority.

So majority or roll-off between Necromancer and Wild-King?
Keep in mind that neither is exactly friendly to mortal life.

>though the Wild are cute up until they start eating you

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I need pictures! Pictures of monsters!

Juvenile / low level monsters preferred, but all are welcome.

I'll start.

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>Your party is hiking through the woodwoods when you encounter a mewling baby Chimera. What do you do?

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