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Just play TRoS or Song of Swords, mang. Fixing D&D doesn't work.

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I am actually after a wiccan girl in the past few weeks. She is complete crazy but a very kind person actually. Normal daddy issues.

She dated a friend of mine a few years ago and shit went obviously sour.
I just want to fuck her once damn it. She is pretty cute.

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I can sexualize anything in my mind.

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I am totally okay with cheesecake armour like chainmail bikinis or boobplate in games or entertainment where it's clear that it's either mainly meant to look fun/hot for the consumer, or that the character is not mainly wearing it for protection.

My autism only gets triggered when artists just can't stop themselves from sexing up armour in settings and products that are otherwise sensible or aiming for realism.

I wish more games/artists/whatever had the balls to just go "okay, look, I made it this way because I like to look at cleavage and I think our audience does too" so we didn't have to have a fucking retarded "but skimpy armour makes you agile!" or "Well people used to fight naked so they should totally still not worry about protection now that they have invented plate armour" argument every time it comes up.
We like tits, everyone gets it, no need to be all defensive or pretend that that's not what's going on.

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