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What a cutie

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Well, the typical RPG assumption is that gender is a null factor in determining physical ability and skill. Gender is only the exception for certain dialog choices and character interactions.

Realistically, yes, men are physiologically predisposed to stronger bodies and athletic ability. Testosterone makes a huge difference. It just does.

However, that's a sticky argument that mucks up this whole setting, and it might be easier to just toss that notion out the window, suspend our disbelief way the fuck up there, and instead just say that, because gender is more mutable, that female soldiers are as common as male soldiers or that strength and physical prowess aren't strictly tied to gender and sex any more.

Although, that would negate any possibility for a Magic Girlifying nuke that leaves the enemies reeling and stumbling around in their own armor, which isn't nearly as fun.

That would probably drastically change the way some armies build their armors (making them more gender neutral and adjustable in fit) as well as forcing some armies to alternate training methods, occasionally genderswapping their troops so they are never thrown off by a sudden genital swap

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