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I feel your pain, sad anime girl. I too yearn for nothing more than to play a cool-blooded Lizardfolk warrior.

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Well then, that actually sounds pretty cool.

Carry on, my dude.

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I just want to play a Paladin, is that too much to ask?

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Why don't we just stop talking about petty schoolyard shenanigans and get back to what really matters; Pathfinder?

Even an inane discussion on NPCs is better than this.

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Please stop, I can't take this.

Why is Paizo so dumb with their inspiration.

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>tfw for all the love of boobs, most character I've ever played, played with, or the DM used had modest or non-existent busts.

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>tfw I thought my idea for a "Last Question" style Future Souls game was cool
>Setting is the far, far future, after Heat Death has already occurred and all of existence is within a lone hyperspace computer that has accumulated all the data of a reality to reveal the answer to reversing the flow of entropy
>You play as a program, or a "Man" mind within the program, collecting errant data and forcibly destroying dead-ends so you can contain all the data within yourself, and then link with the AI Core and solve the answer.
>Game ends with the beginning of Genesis, "LET THERE BE LIGHT", and New Game+ begins.

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>That campaign you'd apply right away and give it your all, conflicting obligations be damned

What would it take to make a campaign do this?

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>The AP you really, really wanted to be good, but it just isn't

Which one is it?

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>There will never
>Be a campaign set in the Land of the Linnorm Kings
>Not even a sandbox where you're just fucking around to become the biggest, baddest Linnorm King

Just kill me now.

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>that class idea you have that you want to play

At this point it could be just about anything, I just want an opportunity to play.

The few games that fit my schedule have shitty rules or character creation regulations, and the handful that are both in my schedule and have competent rules are filled up or die after a session.

Why do I even play this game anyway.

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>you will never have a browngirl copper waifu who sends you on a variety of arduous but ultimately trivial pursuits to acquire a variety of mundane, seemingly random items that lead to a riddle, the answer to which is plain on the browngirl's body when you return.
>Surprise! She's pregnant.

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>Join campaign
>It's amazing
>Want it to go on for months and months
>Discover DM is 8 months pregnant

It's going to be a long winter.

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Party hats, get 'em while they're good lads.

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I'm doing my best to help him find another girl but he's just too damn timid around women, and I'm beginning to suspect part of his hesitation from finding another woman is what his (former ex) girlfriend would do if she finds out.

God, on a related note why do asshole fat chicks have that squeaky saccharine sweet voice they use to get what they want or talk down to people?

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>mfw the DM revealed to me that hags in her setting come in both evil *and* good varieties
>mfw I would've liked to know this sooner before writing about my character's backstory dalliance with a hag

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I'm just surprised at how consistently averse /pfg/ is towards proper martial smash-kill classes.

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>And it will consume him.

>The party comes across a perfectly maintained town filled with smiling faces and the sounds of bustle and laughter.

It's all an illusion maintained by a melancholic wizard who refuses to accept he "missed out" on living while locked away in his study. Now you must decide if it's a good idea to break the delusion or leave him alone in his fantasy forever.

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>You will never unknowingly make the chaste Paladin a size queen after one night of passion.

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>You will never ever make a monstergirl harem.

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>tfw no Dryad waifu
>tfw you don't build a quaint cottage next to her Bonded Tree
>tfw you don't get to experience her changing shapes, and personalities, as the seasons change.

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I prefer RPGs I can find a party for.

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>provided its a marriage based on mutual love, respect, and care and isn't something that was rushed into because some kids got horny

>mfw you realize half the characters who mellow out in Pathfinder APs did so because they got married, and half the BBEGs are BBEGs because they're frustrated, shriveled up single fucks.

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>tfw you just broke your DM's heart by refusing his favorite waifu ship in a big, undeniable way.

What the hell was I supposed to do? She regained her honor, she had gear and wealth, her former lord and lover was in the kingdom begging forgiveness for her exile, and my character has been doing the absolute minimum to show interest in her mainly because the DM basically shoves them together and says "now, kiss!"

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